Neds vs Boombet - In-Depth Betting Site Comparison

26 Apr 2023
Jake McEvoy 26 Apr 2023
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Boombet, which was previously known as, has been around for quite some time now after fending off a wealth of upcoming betting sites. How will it stack up against heavyweight Neds, though? Let’s find out!
Neds: fully licenced and government-approved since 2017. Neds is spearheaded by the one and only Dean Shannon, a former Ladbrokes superstar.

Neds may be the new kid on the betting block, but they're already rubbing shoulders with the big boys as one of Australia's top betting sites. They've got it all figured out: a smooth platform with innovative betting products and promotions that are more competitive than a game of Monopoly with your family.

BoomBet is all about having fun on the flutter and taking an honest approach to bookmaking, giving an unbeatable combination of the two. They are not afraid to compete with the biggest names in the industry, and their prices reflect that.

It’s the Madonna of bookies - youthful in appearance but been around the block. This company has nailed the fundamentals and is now spicing things up with some fancy new features to outshine its rivals.
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  • Neds

    The code is BLACKBOOK. 18+ only. T&Cs apply. Chances are you’re about to lose.

    Boombet with a brand-new website designed for online betting speed. 18+ only. T&Cs apply. Imagine what you could be buying instead.

Neds vs Boombet Comparison

We're all about fairness here at NewBettingSites. This ensures that we have the best possible data at the end of the day.

Therefore, we make sure that the same factors are compared between each episode of BOTB by simply comparing the same elements of the betting sites.

When evaluating different betting sites, we use these criteria:

Odds Value: The quality of the odds offered by each site is the first thing we evaluate since it is a major factor in the decision of whether or not to sign up. We will always choose the site with the highest expected return on our bets.

Available Markets: We have more betting choices when there are more sports, tournaments, and events to wager on, as well as when there are more specific betting markets within those events. We can use this information to generate better wagering predictions. The site that offers more betting options among the two is the clear victor in this category.

Betting Features: When comparing these sites, we may discuss a variety of distinct betting aspects. The existence of Cash Out, Bet Builders, tips, guides, chatboxes, and more are all possible. A betting site receives a better rating the more distinctive betting features we discover on it.

Betting App: While the vast majority of Australian online bookmakers now provide mobile apps, a smattering of laggards remain. The top betting sites all provide fully-featured mobile applications for a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

VIP Program: Several online casinos provide VIP programs to their most devoted players. The winner of this round of comparisons will be the site with the best loyalty program.

Safety & Security: Protecting your information when using the internet is crucial. What we check for when comparing betting sites is whether or not they use encryption technology to keep their consumers' information safe.

Payment Methods: Banking options, mobile payments, and other payment systems have multiplied the number of viable methods for purchasing digital goods and services online. We will give preference to the bookmaker that provides the most reliable options for making deposits and withdrawals.

Live Betting & Live Streaming: Australians are avid sports bettors who carefully assess each game as it unfolds and adjust their wagers accordingly. Therefore, we like sites that not only provide pre-match and in-play markets but also allow us to watch the action unfold live through an integrated live stream function.

Customer Support: We want to know that assistance is available whenever we need it, whether it be during the registration process, when making a wager, upon discovering a technical problem, or upon discovering that our bonuses have not been applied. When we have questions or feedback for a bookmaker, we want a prompt response from helpful and polite customer care personnel.

Promotions: People often check out the promotional offers section before signing up for an account, so it's always a tight call in this category. Although we are unable to disclose specifics about promotions until you sign up, we can recommend the best betting sites in this category.

Licensing and Regulation: Never deposit your hard-earned cash on a betting site that isn't properly licenced and controlled. Every betting service featured here has been thoroughly researched and is legally permitted to provide its services.

Responsible Gambling Practices: The risks of betting on racing, sports, or casinos should not be underestimated by anybody. The winning gaming platform in this category will be the one that makes the dangers of compulsive gambling obvious to users and helps those at the highest risk of becoming addicted.

Our Verdict: Neds vs Boombet

After explaining the criteria we use to compare two Australian betting companies, we will then conclude with a final opinion on whether Neds or Boombet is the superior bookmaker.

Based on the evaluation criteria, here are the results:

  • Best Betting Odds: Draw.
  • Available Markets: Neds.
  • Best Features: Neds.
  • Mobile App: Draw.
  • VIP Program: Draw.
  • Safety and Security: Draw.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Options: Neds.
  • Live Betting and Live Streaming: Neds.
  • Customer Service: Neds.
  • Safer Gambling: Draw.
  • Licensing and regulation: Draw.
  • Best offers: Draw.

Although Boombet was unable to score any points in this head-to-head, the number of ties in important categories cannot go unnoticed.

However, with the final score being 5 points to Neds, 7 draws and 0 points to Boombet, it’s clear that Neds is the champion in this face-off between the two Aussie betting sites.

Neds Pros & Cons

Great racing betting features.

Extensive range of sports.

Competitive odds.

Live streaming service.

Esports markets.

Limited live streaming options.

Boombet Pros & Cons

Plenty of sports betting markets.

Unique betting features.

Dedicated mobile app.

Live chat feature.

Minimal payment options.

Restricted Futures betting.

Comparing Neds vs Boombet Betting Odds

We observed that the odds on racing and sports were pretty comparable across Neds and Boombet.

There were times when the odds on one site were better than the other for certain markets, but it would be unfair to say that one site always provided greater value than the other.

As Australian bookmakers are notoriously competitive it's not often that we're able to choose a clear victor. Therefore, we will record a draw for this first segment of our comparison between these two platforms.

What Markets Are Available at Neds vs Boombet

When comparing the markets there are available at two betting sites, the first measurement to take is the number of actual sports there are to actually bet on. We counted 25 sports at Neds but just 17 at Boombet.

To be fair to Boombet, this isn’t a bad list of sports compared to many other competitors and Neds does have one of the most extensive lists. Plus, both sites do offer markets for all the most important events worldwide.

Looking a little deeper, Neds has around 170 markets available for Champions League soccer matches, covering all of the most popular options as well as a variety of specials we haven’t seen elsewhere. Boombet offers more than 110 markets for the Champions League, which is still a great selection that allows punters to make intricate betting decisions.

The numbers give us our answers, though, and in terms of the number of sports and the number of betting markets available for popular events, Neds comes out on top in this category.


Which Sportsbook Offers the Best Features?

With Boombet being as aged as it is, we expected to see more betting features than we did. While they do have all of the racing features imaginable, there wasn’t much to shout about when it comes to alternative sports.

Neds, on the other hand, has great betting features for both racing and sports, making it the winner in this category as far as we’re concerned.

Does Neds vs Boombet Have the Mobile Betting App?

Mobile betting apps are available for both Neds and Boombet, allowing users to accomplish anything they could on their respective desktop sites from the convenience of their phones.

You can download these apps from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, respectively, and play them on your Android or iOS device whenever and wherever you please.

This round of comparison in the Battle of the Bookies will be recorded as a draw since both services are accessible through a mobile app.


Neds vs Boombet VIP Program Comparison

At this present time, neither Neds nor Boombet offer any kind of VIP program which can offer exclusive rewards for increased loyalty.

While this is a feature we love to see on betting sites, we don’t see it very often and the sites are forgiven as long as they offer decent incentives to all customers in the form of regular promotions.

With neither of these sites offering loyalty programs, it’s another tie in this episode of the Battle of the Bookies.

Neds vs Boombet Safety and Security

You can trust that your personal information is safe and secure with both Neds and Boombet since they encrypt it before storing it.

To put it another way, even if a hacker gets their hands on your information, they won't be able to read it and use it for fraudulent use.

Both of these platforms ensure your digital safety, therefore it's a tie here.

Comparing Deposit and Withdrawal Options

As mentioned earlier, we always prefer the betting site that offers the greatest selection of secure payment options for deposits and withdrawals. This is why awarding the point in this category was so easy.

Neds offers Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, POLi, Bpay, PayID and EFT. Your options at Boombet are just Visa, MasterCard, POLi, BPay and EFT.

As a result, it’s Neds that comes out as the winner in the Deposits and Withdrawal Options category, moving it closer to winning this head-to-head against Boombet.

Live Betting and Streaming Options: Neds vs Boombet

With in-play betting markets and a live streaming service that broadcasts every day's racing in all three codes in Australia and New Zealand, Neds provides punters with a complete and satisfying live betting experience.

Boombet does not provide this service, nor does it provide live betting. Pre-match wagering only is available, and if you want to watch the races, you'll need to sign up for a separate streaming service.

Neds easily wins this round and grabs the point.

Comparing Neds vs Boombet Customer Service

It’s a close call between Neds and Boombet when comparing customer services, as both offer a great variety of ways to get in touch whenever you need help.

If we’re going to be as strict as we need to be, though, we’re going to give this point to Neds, as their live chat is available 24/7 - compared to the Boombet live chat which is only available between 08:00 and 22:30 (which isn’t awful).

Where Do Neds vs Boombet Stand on Safer Gambling

Boombet's Responsible Gambling Policy can be found at the bottom of the site, and it serves to raise awareness about the problems connected with gambling and provide resources to those who may be at risk.

At Neds, the Responsible Gambling Policy can be found under the "Quick Links" at the bottom of any page.

For this round of the head-to-head, both sites will get equal marks since they demonstrate concern for their users.

Where Are Neds vs Boombet Licensed and Regulated?

Boombet is licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Government of Australia, which oversees its operations and makes sure the law is being followed every step of the way.

Neds is licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Racing Commission, which is one of the most recognisable authorities in Australian gambling spaces.

With both of these bookies offering a legitimate online betting service to Australian clients, they will share the spoils in this round of the comparison series.

Does Neds vs Boombet Have The Best Offers?

After sizing up the promotions that are on offer at both of these sites, we’ve established that if you’re into racing, you’ll prefer the offers at Boombet, but if you’re more into alternative sports, you’ll prefer the promotions that are available to you at Neds.

As a result of this, we’ve determined that this final section of the face-off will be labelled as a tie between the two competitors.

Neds vs Boombet FAQs

Can you have both a Boombet and Neds account?

Bettors are free to open accounts with any number of bookmakers, such as Boombet and Neds, and place wagers with any of them.

Which Bookmaker has been around longer?

Boombet is technically older than Neds, as it is a rebrand of which was established back in 1998. Neds was introduced in 2017, 19 years later.

Do both bookmakers have mobile apps?

Neds and Winnersbet both provide mobile apps so you can access their full suite of betting options whenever and wherever you choose.

Which betting site offers the better odds - Boombet or Neds?

Neds and Boombet offer very competitive odds, with either platform standing out as a site that provides greater value.

Do Boombet and Neds allow for live betting?

Neds offers live, in-play betting markets, however Boombet does not. We hope Boombet add in-play markets at some point in the future.

Who offers the better customer service, Boombet or Neds?

Neds and Boombet both provide excellent customer service, but Neds' 24/7 live chat stands out.