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    Cash In Betting Sites

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    Cash In Betting Sites 2024

    These days most Australian bookmakers will offer multiple ways to instantly fund your betting account. 

    Unfortunately, not all bookies accept cash as a payment option and offer alternatives like a cash card, e-wallet, or direct transfer from an existing bank account, should you not have access to a debit card or credit card.

    In this guide, NewBettingSites will highlight why you should consider using cash to fund your betting account, where to find betting sites that accept cash, and how to go about using cash when betting online.

    Top Cash In Betting Sites In Australia

    Have a look at our list of betting sites that accept cash as a payment option. Keep in mind that NewBettingSites will always only recommend licenced, regulated and safe betting sites to our readers, so any of the bookmakers listed in the table above will be a good choice.

    More About Cash In

    Depending on which bookmaker you are betting with, withdrawal and deposit options will vary from one to another. This might impact your decision of which betting site to choose if you are limited in terms of what payment methods you have access to.

    If you prefer using cash, you may only find that a handful of gambling sites accept cash as a payment option and usually, there are cash deposit fees charged for depositing cash into your betting account. Most commonly, cash users have to convert their hard currency into a form of electronic form by using vouchers and pre-paid cards. 

    Betting the old fashioned way is still preferred by many punters as paying out is easier and you never need to wait 24 hours plus for an electronic withdrawal to hit your bank account. But placing bets at the humble high street bookie (who always accepts cash) is not as popular as online betting and there are bookies that have made provisions for punters who prefer working with cash only.

    Why You Should Use Cash In

    There are many reasons why someone might wish to use cash to pay for their online bets, and people who do not trust banks or do not have a bank account will always prefer using cash, due to a lack of other options. But if you are a cash-only shopper, you may have noticed that it’s very hard these days to find merchants that accept cash as payment. 

    Online, you mostly need a credit card or debit card to get by and if you do not have one, you have to create an e-wallet, convert your cash into a pre-paid voucher, or obtain a pre-paid cash card to transact. With many online betting companies, this is also the case, but there are some that do accept cash payments. 

    If you are a bettor that prefers doing transactions in real money and would like to place bets online, you may benefit from the fact that you keep a tight reign on your spending and stay in control. There is always the option of heading to your nearest street bookie but these days, you have several options to choose from if wanting to use a hard currency as your only payment method. 

    If you simply prefer using cash as it is what you are used to, it might be hard to find your way around in the digital age we are living in these days. Luckily, there are viable and cheap options to convert your cash into, such as pre-paid vouchers and cards, that works just like cash. 

    Cash In Safety & Security

    Walking around with pockets full of cash is obviously never a safe option, and the chance of losing your roll of hard currency is always a possibility. What makes using cash secure is the anonymity attached to it and the fact that you can stay in control of your spending. 

    Unfortunately, there is no way that you can trace your cash, pre-paid voucher or pre-paid cash card so if it is stolen or lost before you’ve had the chance to deposit it into your betting account, you forfeit your cash. 

    Moreover, your cash, pre-paid voucher/cash card is only as safe as how safe it is kept. 

    Cash In Pros And Cons

    Cash is king may be the case, but is gambling with cash the best option for you? NewBettingSites highlights the pros and cons below:


    • Stay in control of your gambling budget
    • Never incur debt to gamble with
    • No bank or account fee applies
    • Fully anonymous
    • Cash cards ensure quick withdrawals
    • Some bookies offer newsagents for fast service 
    • No card details required
    • No expiry date on cash vouchers or cash cards
    • Untraceable 


    • Limited bookmakers accept cash as a payment method
    • Limits to how much you can deposit
    • Not safe to carry large amounts of cash on a person
    • You need to obtain a voucher/pre-paid card prior to use
    • Pre-paid vouchers/cash cards can be lost
    • Cash deposit fees may apply

    Cash In Fees And Processing Times

    There are usually no fees associated with Cash In payment options, making cash, pre-paid cards or vouchers the preferred payment method for many. If you don’t have access to a credit card, debit card or bank account, cash in options are fast and usually reflect in your betting account without delay. 

    With some online betting sites, you may incur a small cash deposit fee as a handling fee if you deposit manually with cash, but this should be limited to 2% or less. If you make use of vouchers or pre-paid cash cards, you may stand the chance of losing said voucher or cash card, and there are possible monthly fees charged if you have not yet redeemed this form of payment. 

    With most pre-paid vouchers or cards, you may need to verify your identity prior to making your first voucher purchase (in order to limit money laundering) but there are usually no fees charged for converting cash to card/voucher. 

    Most cash cards or pre-paid vouchers are easy to obtain and freely available at newsagents and funds should reflect instantly when funding your betting account. Just be wary of a possible expiry date attached to a pre-paid voucher, which will render your “cash” useless if you do not redeem it timeously. 

    What Options You Have For Cash In Betting

    Whatever your personal preferences, betting companies will always do their utmost to accommodate bettors no matter what payment methods they prefer using. Some big online bookmakers have publicly announced that they accept cash as options and have made it easy for punters to simply visit their nearest newsagent should they wish to bet with real cash. 

    Some online betting sites even offer an innovative ‘Cash In’ feature that allows punters to instantly deposit cash into their betting accounts, and even have the same advantage when bettors wish to withdraw their winnings. 

    With the growing use of mobile devices, some bookies even have an app to make it easier for cash punters to use their pre-paid cash card or voucher to fund their betting account in seconds.

    Cash In vouchers or cards can be purchased online or with physical cash at various retail outlets or garages and is not associated with any specific bank or banks. You can use cash to conveniently purchase your Cash In voucher or pre-paid cash card, no matter who you bank with (or if you have a bank account). 

    How To Deposit At Cash In Betting Sites

    Making a cash deposit is not much different to making use of any other payment option. The only difference would be if you physically deposit funds into a betting account’s bank account (if this option is available) where you need to take your cash to the bank in order to make a deposit, and then send the proof of payment to the bookie. 

    Should you have a pre-paid cash card or wish to utilise a pre-paid voucher, here is an easy guideline you can follow:  

    • Step 1: Buy your Cash In voucher/pre-paid cash card at supporting retail outlets, newsagents or garages. 
    • Step 2: Log into your preferred bookmaker that accepts Cash In/cash vouchers/pre-paid cash cards as a payment option.
    • Step 3: Choose Cash In at the deposit sections and enter the amount you wish to deposit. 
    • Step 4: You will be directed to the merchant's website to enter and verify your pin code for the cash card or pre-paid voucher.
    • Step 5: Confirm your payment on the betting site and start betting.

    You may be limited to only utilising one voucher at a time or can load multiple vouchers at once if you have several you are looking to use. Unfortunately, you cannot always use cash as a withdrawal method and we recommend a few alternatives payment methods below.

    Alternatives To Using Cash In

    Most online betting bookmakers offer the following alternatives that can be used for both deposits and withdrawals. If you do not have a bank account, your options are limited, but consider moving toward one of the following options below: 

    PayPal: PayPal is a very popular e-wallet option to make use of for both withdrawals and deposits from betting sites. All PayPal payments are fast, convenient and 100% safe to use. 

    BPAY: BPAY is a safe and popular payment option, but you need to have a bank account in order to make use of BPAY. It is linked to over 150 banks in Australia and offers punters the option to deposit and withdraw by using this payment option.

    POLi: An excellent option if you don’t have access to a credit/debit card. Deposits reflect instantaneously and no pre-registration with POLi is required.

    Neteller: A very popular digital wallet to consider if you are sceptical about using debit or credit cards online. All betting transactions are free of charge and joining is straightforward and doesn’t cost anything. 

    Verdict: Cash In Betting Sites

    Cash may still be king for many Australian punters and cash cards or pre-paid vouchers can be easily obtained online or in person. Most of these cash card/voucher options do need some form of registration and punters may also need to verify their identity prior to converting their cash for online use. 

    Using cash only is very limiting but there are various Australian bookmakers that offer Cash In options in the form of vouchers or a cash card that is pre-paid in cash. Cash In options is considered as safe as you are able to safely keep it but it is a popular method in terms of a private method to bet.  

    When withdrawing, cash only punters may need to resort to alternative methods if their bookie does not have a newsagent or physical outlet for bettors to withdraw winnings from their betting account. 

    Take a look at NewBetingSites’s preferred online bookmaker listed above if you prefer cash-only bookies for online sports betting. 

    Cash In Betting Sites FAQs

    What Is Cash In?

    Cash In is basically just another word for putting cash into your betting account. Besides paying into a bookies bank account, there are several cash options to utilise if you are a bettor that prefers using cash for betting.

    Where can I obtain Cash In vouchers/cash cards?

    You can purchase cash vouchers at many land-based and online stores in Australia and Canada. Land-based stores may include GAS+, Daisy Mart, BP and Hasty Market, or by registering with a Cash In options merchant.

    Are Cash In deposits instant?

    In most cases, using Cash In options will have your betting account funded instantaneously. There may be a waiting period when you do a direct cash deposit (similar to an EFT) into your chosen bookmaker account.

    Can I withdraw from my betting account using Cash In?

    Usually not, should you use cash as a payment option (or pre-paid cash card/voucher) you need to find an alternative option to withdraw from your betting account. Some established bookies do however offer this service by providing outlets or making it available to punters at their nearest garage or grocery store.

    Is it safe to use Cash In?

    Well, it may be one of the least safe forms of payment to use as you can easily lose cash or cash can be stolen. The same applies with a pre-paid voucher or cash card - even though you may have a pin code attached to it, it’s useless if you forget/lose the code or the actual voucher/card.

    What is the max/min amount I can deposit via Cash In?

    Most Cash In options like vouchers or pre-paid cash cards do have limits to what the minimum and maximum deposit amount may be. Mostly, you can obtain a digital cash option with as little as $10 up to as much as $500.

    How much does it cost to use Cash In?

    One of the many advantages of Cash In is that it usually does not attract any additional processing fees. When paying cash into a betting account, there may be a small fee payable for cash handling fees as the betting site’s bank may be charging them for cash deposits.

    Do I need to register before I can use cash to bet?

    Yes, you need to register with most vendors who offer a cash card or pre-paid voucher. This is necessary to limit money laundering and fraud and most options do require identity and proof of residence to exchange cash for an electronically acceptable method.

    Does my location dictate my payment method?

    Some online bookies are restricted as per the law and regulation dictated in a specific state or territory. This may affect what payment options are available to you as a cash bettor.