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    flexepin Betting Sites

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    Flexepin Betting Sites 2024

    Flexepin is an all Australian payment method and widely accepted online and is commonly used on many Australian betting sites. This payment method is an instant and secure way to fund your betting account. 

    If you don’t have a credit card, or wish not to use your credit card online, this is an excellent alternative as it enables you to pay for goods or services without supplying any personal or banking details. 

    Join us as we delve into what Flexepin is all about, why you should consider using it, how to bet online using Flexepin and how safe it is to use Flexepin for online purchases on Australian betting sites. Below we list the top betting sites that all accept Flexepin as payment method.

    Top Flexepin Betting Sites in Australia

    NewBettingSites will always only recommend licenced, regulated and safe betting sites to our readers. The list of top Flexepin betting sites you can try out with peace of mind can be found in the table above.

    More About Flexepin

    Flexepin is a prepaid voucher based online payment method that enables you to use cash to top up your account safely and securely and fund your betting account. 

    It is globally used online and is a cash top-up voucher that is purchased (or gifted) and you need a 16-digit voucher number to use it as payment method.

    Flexepin has a very strong track record in delivering customer-centric and demand-driven financial products through flexewallet (a member of the Novatti Group of companies)over the past 20 years, and their vision is to be one of the world’s most respected and trusted alternative payment providers in the global digital payment ecosystem.

    Flexepin is the latest product brought launched by flexewallet and vouchers can be purchased with cash or debit card at many retail outlets, petrol stations and multiple online stores. Even though Flexepin first started in Australia, it has become a popular payment option in Canada, the UK, and several European countries. 

    Why You Should Use Flexepin

    This payment method is widely accepted on Australian online betting sites and leaves no digital footprint that can lead back to you. 

    If you are an Australian citizen who loves to bet online, consider Flexepin as a payment method, especially if you don’t have access to a debit/credit card. 

    It is an instant transfer into your betting account which makes it a very popular and convenient payment method for Aussie punters.

    Besides convenience and ease of use, Flexepin is maybe one of the safest online payment methods to use as payment method on any trusted and licenced bookmaker NewBettingSites recommends. 

    It is especially perfect for casual punters who like to place a bet on sports occasionally and do not wish the transaction to reflect on their bank statement. 

    After you have registered with Flexepin to obtain your voucher, there is never a need to divulge your personal or banking details when using the vouchers online, making it a 100% anonymous online purchase. 

    What sets Flexepin apart from the rest is a product that offers anonymity, security, responsible gambling, and is a payment alternative that is widely accepted in Australia and many other parts of the world. 

    Flexepin Safety & Security

    Flexepin was developed specifically to improve the security and privacy of users when spending online, enabling many of the unbanked population worldwide to purchase goods and services, using an alternate method of payment.

    Flexepin is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and holds a license with the Australian Financial Services License They are operated in Australia and Canada by Flexewallet Pty Ltd and is licensed as an authorised representative of CFS-ZIPP with FCA.

    Using Flexepin is one of the safest payment methods to bet with and reduces the threat of online fraud as no sensitive information is ever requested. This makes it an anonymous payment method as no personal information or card details are linked to your Flexepin voucher. 

    Each voucher has a unique 16 digit code displayed on them can then be used to top-up your betting account or make payments on any website that accepts Flexepin as payment option. You can also load your Flexepin voucher onto prepaid cards and e-wallets. 

    This easy to use cash top-up voucher offers consumers a convenient and secure way to fund your betting account. There is no need to provide personal or financial information and Flexepin is not linked to any of your accounts or credit/debit cards, eliminating online fraud.

    Flexepin Pros and Cons

    Let’s be transparent about the positives and negatives so you can make an informed decision prior to purchasing your first Flexepin cash voucher:


    • Funds are added instantly into your betting account
    • Convenient and easy to use
    • No fees
    • Fully anonymous
    • Australian payment method
    • Protected from online hackers
    • Instant deposits
    • No card details required
    • No expiry date on vouchers


    • No withdrawals can be made using Flexepin
    • If you lose your voucher, you cannot prove ownership
    • You need to obtain a voucher prior to using it, so you will have to plan ahead
    • A monthly “immortality” fee is deducted from your voucher should you not use it within a couple of months.

    Flexepin Fees and Processing Times

    There are usually no fees associated with Flexepin vouchers, making it one of the preferred payment methods, especially if you do not have access to a credit card. 

    You need to register with Flexepin and verify your identity prior to making your first voucher purchase but there are no monthly maintenance fees to pay.

    You can purchase vouchers of between $20 and $500 each and need only insert the 16-digit pin code provided to make your deposit. As soon as Flexepin has confirmed the pin code, you are all set and ready to bet in mere seconds.

    Even though there is no expiry date attached to the Flexepin voucher, it is better to use the voucher immediately after the purchase, as after the first month you will begin to incur a penalty fee.

    Banks That Accept Flexepin Purchases

    Flexepin is a voucher that is purchased online or at various retail outlets or garages and is not associated with any specific bank or banks. You can use cash or any debit card to purchase your Flexepin voucher, no matter who you bank with. 

    All you need to do is to register with Flexepin and verify your identity, purchase a voucher and you are good to go. 

    How To Deposit at Flexepin Betting Sites

    Making a deposit with Flexepin is incredibly easy and straightforward. The funds from your Flexepin voucher will be instantly transferred into your betting account and you’ll be all set to bet online within seconds. Here is a step by step guide if you are new to using Flexepin:

    • Step 1: Buy your Flexepin voucher online or at supporting retail outlets or garages. You can find the nearest outlet on the Flexepin website. 
    • Step 2: Log into your preferred bookmaker that accepts Flexepin as payment option.
    • Step 3: Choose Flexepin at the deposit sections and enter the amount you wish to deposit. 
    • Step 4: You will be directed to Flexepin to enter and verify your 16-digit pin code.
    • Step 5: Confirm your payment on the betting site and start betting.

    You are not limited to only utilising one voucher at a time and can load multiple vouchers at once if you have several you are looking to use. Unfortunately, you cannot use Flexepin as a withdrawal method and we recommend a few alternatives Payments below.

    Alternatives To Using Flexepin

    As Flexepin is a pre-paid voucher, it is not available to make withdrawals on Australian betting sites, you may consider some other form of payment method. 

    Most online betting sites offer any of the following alternatives that can be used for both deposits and withdrawals: 


    This is probably the most popular and easiest way to withdraw and make deposits into your betting account. While deposits are instantaneous, withdrawals can take up to 72 hours to reflect. 


    A very popular e-wallet option to make use of for both withdrawals and deposits. All PayPal payments are fast and convenient and 100% safe to use. 


    BPay is a safe and popular payment option, but there is a waiting time of up to 48 hours for funds to reflect. BPay is linked to over 150 banks in Australia.


    This is an excellent option if you don’t have access to a credit/debit card. Deposits reflect instantaneously and no pre-registration with POLi is required.

    Verdict: Flexepin Betting Sites

    Flexepin is widely accepted on Australian betting sites and is an excellent alternative for bettors that does not have access to a credit card. It is a voucher based payment system that can be easily obtained by registering on Flexepin and verifying your identity. 

    Many Australian bookmakers have Flexepin available as a payment method as it is considered it to be a safe and private method to fund your betting account. 

    They have over about 20  years of experience through flexewallet and they have facilitated a quick, secure, and convenient payments during all this time. 

    Flexepin may not be available to withdraw funds from your betting account, but the benefit of not paying any processing fees, the ease of use, and the instant access to funds in your betting account make it a very attractive option for sports bettors. 

    Flexepin Betting Sites FAQs

    What Is Flexepin?

    Flexepin is a widely accepted online payment method that is commonly used to fund betting accounts in Australia. It is a cash voucher of between $20 and $500 that is accessed by inserting a 16-digit pin code.

    Where can I obtain a Flexepin voucher?

    You can purchase a Flexepin voucher at many land-based and online stores in Australia and Canada. Land based stores include GAS+, Daisy Mart, BP, and Hasty Market, and online it can be obtained at Korsit, TopMeUP by Payment Source, OffGamers, BV, DPO, Think Payments, SEAGM, SCDKEY or by registering with Flexepin and buying it on its official website.

    Are Flexepin deposits instant?

    When you choose Flexepin as deposit method, the funds will be available instantly to bet with in your betting account. All you need is to insert the pin code provided and your funds will be cleared as soon as the pin code is verified with Flexepin.

    Can I withdraw from my betting account using Flexepin?

    As Flexepin is a voucher, you are unable to withdraw any funds from your betting account to Flexepin. You will need to use bank transfer or use an alternative payment method as we recommend above.

    Is it safe to use Flexepin?

    Yes, Flexepin is a secure and safe method of payment and an excellent alternative to using if you don’t have a credit card. You simply keep the 16-digit pin code of the voucher in a safe location until you wish to use it.

    What is the max/min amount I can deposit via Flexepin?

    Flexepin vouchers are widely accepted as payment method online and is available from as little as $20 per voucher. The highest amount you can purchase is the $500 voucher.

    How much does it cost to use Flexepin?

    One of the many advantages of Flexepin is that it usually does not attract any additional processing fees. It is a voucher you receive in return for cash or money paid from your debit card.

    Do I need to register with Flexepin before I can make use of it?

    Yes, you need to register with Flexepin and confirm your identity before you can purchase a voucher from them. As soon as you have bought a voucher, you only need to insert the pin code provided to use the cash online.