vs Unibet Australia - In-Depth Betting Site Comparison

25 Apr 2023
Jake McEvoy 25 Apr 2023
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This head-to-head comparison of Australian bookmakers pits two worldwide giants against one another; nevertheless, only one can claim victory. After carefully weighing the variables that make up an online betting service, will Ladbrokes or Unibet emerge as our top pick?
Ladbrokes is known worldwide as a betting site that can be trusted when placing bets on a variety of sports and racing disciplines. It has been in Australia long enough now to establish itself as one of the frontrunners, but there are still so many punters that are yet to give it a try.

The site provides a huge range of betting markets for a long list of sports and we’re yet to hear of a punter that isn’t happy with the range of betting features available on this site.

Unibet is successful because it provides sports betting enthusiasts with simple access to all the tools they need to pursue their hobby.

Unibet Australia is committed to providing a positive experience for its consumers by hiring people who are familiar with the local market and making it easy for customers to make deposits, play, and withdraw money at any time.

Read the following paragraphs to discover exactly how these two great betting sites compare, so you can decide exactly where you’re going to sign up and place your bets next.
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Ladbrokes Australia vs Unibet Aus Comparison

In all of the reviews we’ve conducted, which can be found right here on this site, we have a list of variables which we evaluate in order to determine how good a betting site really is.

These are the same criteria that we’ve used in this comparison to determine how Ladbrokes and Unibet stack up against each other in the factors that really matter. These criteria are as follows:

Odds Value: One of the first things new customers look at - and rightfully so - is the value of the odds that are available for the races and sports that they want to bet on. The sites that offer the best value odds, as you can imagine, tend to be preferential to the sites that try to charge too much.

Available Markets: When we’re looking at a betting site, the markets that are available can be considered the same as the number of products that are available to choose between in a store. Stores that offer a greater selection are more likely to keep more customers happy. This is exactly the same with markets that are available on a betting site.

Betting Features: Betting features allow punters to bet in different ways and have more fun while placing their bets. Features like Bet Builders, Cash Out functionality etc can all be used to enhance the overall betting experience and, in turn, create a more fulfilling betting experience.

Betting App: A growing number of bettors are beginning to use their smartphones and tablets to place their bets instead of logging onto their laptops and desktop PCs. The best betting sites are those that offer intuitive betting apps which provide the full betting experience that can be found on the main betting platform.

VIP Program: VIP programs are a fantastic way for online gambling businesses to make their most dedicated customers feel appreciated. Betting sites that provide reward programs are often favoured over those that do not since they incentivize repeat business and financial commitment from clients.

Safety & Security: When doing financial or personally sensitive transactions online, customers should feel confident that their data is protected. We look for encryption software and other security tools while assessing a betting site and, those that are most secure will always come out on top in our comparisons.

Payment Methods: Having a good selection of payment methods is important and the sites that offer the largest range of secure payment options will always win in these head-to-head showdowns.

Live Betting & Live Streaming: Live betting is a common method to wager on sporting events, and it becomes much more exciting when combined with the ability to watch the action develop in real-time. The best betting sites offer both of these features.

Customer Support: The best online betting sites are those that offer plenty of ways to contact staff, as well as fast, friendly and informative responses. The sites that meet our expectations in all of these areas will be our favourites.

Promotions: While we are unable to detail which promotions are available on a site, we can still certainly let you know which of these two betting sites offers the greatest selection.

Licensing and Regulation: Online betting sites have to be appropriately licensed in order to operate in specific locations. If any of the sites we’re comparing are not licensed or regulated, they will not win in this category.

Responsible gambling practices: Gambling is addictive, so it is always important that betting sites take this matter seriously. If a site does not have a responsible gambling policy or tools for punters to protect themselves, it’s a thumbs-down from us.

Our Verdict: Ladbrokes Aus vs Unibet Aus

Now, it’s time for the results - which bookie out of Ladbrokes Australia and Unibet Australia comes out on top in each of the categories listed above?

  • Best Betting Odds: Draw
  • Available Markets: Unibet 
  • Best Features: Ladbrokes 
  • Mobile App: Ladbrokes 
  • VIP Program: Unibet 
  • Safety and Security: Draw
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Options: Ladbrokes 
  • Live Betting and Live Streaming: Draw
  • Customer Service: Unibet 
  • Safer Gambling: Draw
  • Licensing and regulation: Draw
  • Best offers: Draw

With three wins for Ladbrokes, five draws and three wins for Unibet, it’s difficult to pick an outright winner in this head-to-head bookie comparison.

It’s far from a clean win on either side, especially considering the number of draws in the important sections. This means that whichever bookie you choose to sign up with first will come down to the sections which are more important to you personally.

Ladbrokes AU Pros & Cons

Live video stream of horse racing (and some sports).

Ladbrokes card for easy deposits and withdrawals.

Excellent selection of sports markets.

Multi-builder tool for easy betting.

Lack of variety of futures betting markets.

Fixed odds are relatively low.

Customer support can improve.

Unibet Aus Pros & Cons

A staggering number of sports and markets.

Live stream for racing and sports.

Esports markets.

Mobile application.

Friendly customer service team.

Limited payment methods.

Limited racing features.

Comparing Ladbrokes vs Unibet Betting Odds

Ladbrokes' odds are on par with, if not better than, those offered by the largest Australian and international betting sites. Without a promotion, it's quite unlikely that you'll get better chances at another site.

Enjoy your experience at Unibet knowing that you won't find considerably better odds at any other betting site, thanks to Unibet's competitive odds.

The odds at each of these sites are competitive, with no definitive “best” out of the two options.

What Markets Are Available at Ladbrokes vs Unibet Aus

When compared to its competitors in Australia, Ladbrokes' selection of sports on which wagers may be placed is among the most comprehensive available. Bettors have access to every major tournament and a dizzying array of specific markets across the board, with the most popular sports offering hundreds of different wagering options.

On the Unibet Australia site, you can see the number of markets that are available indicated next to each sport. Some of these sports have over 999 markets available at a time, however there are some sports with only one, three or just a handful more.

In terms of the number of markets that are available on this site, the winner has to be Unibet due to the sheer number of markets available in the more popular sports.


Which Sportsbook Offers the Best Features?

By giving punters a wide variety of wagering prospects, Ladbrokes AU encourages them to adopt a more individualised approach to their betting and to challenge the existing standard.

Several tools, including #GetAPrice, Bet Builder, Cash Out, and the Ladbrokes betting card, may enhance your time spent playing with Ladbrokes.

Under the “Features” tab at Unibet, you’ll only find “Live Streaming” listed, however there are definitely more betting features than this available when we dive deeper, including the social element enabled by the Twitter feed.

Regardless, it’s Ladbrokes that wins this round for us.

Does Ladbrokes vs Unibet Australia Have the Mobile Betting App?

If you want to wager on the go, as long as you have a charged device and access to the internet, you may use the Ladbrokes betting app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Bets may be placed quickly and easily with the Unibet mobile app. You can place bets on hundreds of racing and sports events using your mobile device, and you'll get access to all of Unibet's racing and sports incentives.

Since both applications provide access to the entire complement of betting options from both brands, we'll have to declare a draw in this section.


Ladbrokes vs Unibet VIP Program Comparison

While Ladbrokes does not mention the existence of any form of a loyalty program, Unibet does. Due to legal constraints, they can only inform you about these Loyalty Bonuses and Promotional Offers once you have created an account and signed in.

Unibet is the clear winner in this loyalty and VIP program category.

Ladbrokes vs Unibet Safety and Security

Despite the fact that both of these betting sites utilise cutting-edge encryption technology to keep your information secure, Ladbrokes Australia has the better reputation.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't trust Unibet, however; we couldn't identify a single instance of the site failing to pay out wins to legitimate consumers.

Comparing Deposit and Withdrawal Options

When compared to other Australian betting sites, Ladbrokes has one of the most comprehensive lists of payment methods, making it unlikely that Palmerbet can win.

Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, POLi, BPay, bank transfer, and many more payment methods are accepted at Ladbrokes.

Unibet accepts deposits and withdrawals using a handful of reliable payment options. Visa, MasterCard, and POLi are the accepted payment options. Although the selection of payment methods is limited, at least they are safe.

As we’ve grown to become used to, it’s Ladbrokes that wins the “Deposit and Withdrawal Options” category.

Live Betting and Streaming Options: Ladbrokes vs Unibet

Bettors at Ladbrokes not only have the opportunity to make wagers on sporting events in progress but also to watch many of these events unfold in real-time through the site's live stream.

Comparably, Tennis, eSports, basketball, darts, cricket, ice hockey, snooker, soccer, volleyball, and more can all be seen live on Unibet's streaming service. On-site wagering at these events is possible as you watch the action unfold.

We are unable to pick a winner in this category, as both betting sites offer great live betting and live streaming services.


Comparing Ladbrokes vs Unibet Australia Customer Service

Although Ladbrokes did offer an efficient customer service experience, the overall impression was commercial and artificial. Our "problems" were fixed quickly, but we didn't get a sense of being treated as individuals.

Unibet's support staff is well regarded in Australia for its depth of expertise and speed of reaction.

In this comparison, Unibet's customer service stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Where Do Ladbrokes vs Unibet Stand on Safer Gambling

Each page on Ladbrokes includes a link to the site's responsible gambling policy, as do all reputable betting sites. This policy addresses the problems associated with gambling and the resources that gamblers may use to improve themselves.

Unibet states that it is committed to providing a positive experience for its clients at all times. There might be dire implications to your life if you gamble too much. They can point you in the right direction, provide you with good advice, and guarantee that you will always have a good time without any danger.

In terms of ethical gambling, both betting sites provide enough support for their customers.

Where Are Ladbrokes vs Unibet Aus Licensed and Regulated?

Ladbrokes has a rock-solid reputation for being trustworthy and compliant with Australian law and gaming regulations. The Australian Football League, Darwin Racing, and the Melbourne Racing Club are just a few of its many Australian partners, sponsors, and connections. They've been around for some time and have a respectable reputation in other countries.

Unibet is regulated and authorised by the Northern Territory Racing Commission, thus any bets placed and accepted on our site are legally considered to have been made and received in the Northern Territory, Australia.

Both of these domains are duly licenced and governed by the relevant Australian bodies.

Does Ladbrokes vs Have The Best Offers?

Due to legal restrictions in Australia, we are unable to provide specifics on the bonuses and specials that may be found at these betting sites.

What we can say is that once you've joined up for either service, you'll be eligible for promotions, and those deals on both sites may be rather profitable.

However, Ladbrokes Australia would be our top pick if we had to sign up and visit just one of these sites to take advantage of the finest promos.

Ladbrokes vs Unibet FAQs

Can you have both a Unibet and account?

Australian gamblers are free to create accounts at as many different internet bookmakers as they wish. You may only sign up for one account on each service, though.

Which Bookmaker has been around longer?

Ladbrokes is by far the older of these two betting sites, having been operating since the late 1800s.

Do both bookmakers have mobile apps?

Both of these two betting sites have betting applications that allow you to place bets on the go.

Which betting site offers the better odds - Unibet or Ladbrokes Australia?

Both Unibet Aus and Ladbrokes Australia offer competitive odds, with neither standing out as much better value than the other.

Do Unibet and Ladbrokes allow for live betting in Australia?

Live betting can be conducted on both of these sites, with both also offering live streaming so that you can watch the action unfold.

Who offers the better customer service, Unibet or Ladbrokes?

While both of these brands offer great customer service, we prefer the customer service that is offered by Unibet over that of Ladbrokes.