vs Dabble - In-Depth Betting Site Comparison

25 Apr 2023
Jake McEvoy 25 Apr 2023
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In the Battle of the Bookies, there is never a clear winner, with the underdogs always pulling a few tricks out of the hat. Dabble was praised pretty highly in our review, so let’s see how they fare in a direct head-to-head battle with Ladbrokes Australia.
Ladbrokes dipped their toes into the Australian waters in 2013. This platform's meteoric ascent can be attributed to a winning trifecta of factors: a plethora of betting markets and odds, live streaming of sports and racing, and other delightful surprises.

Dabble was created to update the traditional online gaming experience. Bettors may now communicate with one another, share tips, learn from one another's wagers, see the outcomes of others' bets, and provide feedback. This is a first for the industry and we couldn't be happier about it.

In yet another case of the traditional British against the modern Aussie, let’s see how Ladbrokes and Dabble stack up against each other when they go directly head-to-head.
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Ladbrokes Australia vs Dabble Comparison

The premise of this series, which we call "Battle of the Bookies," is simple: we compare two betting sites using the same set of criteria and see which one comes out on top.

Each category takes into account the most crucial aspects of a betting site, and at the end, we're left with the bookie that stands out as the clear winner.

Here are the categories we look at when comparing two bookies, which, in this scenario, will be Ladbrokes Australia and Dabble:

Odds Value: The winner between the two bookies will be the one which offers the best value through its odds on racing and sports. The betting site which gives us consistently higher returns for the same wagers will be seen as the winner in this category.

Available Markets: The more markets there are available to bet on, the more choice we have when placing our bets. With more markets, we’re able to be more intricate with our betting decisions, increasing the odds and making our bets more exciting.

Betting Features: There are many different betting features that can be added to a betting site and many betting sites tend to use the same ones, like Bet Builders and Cash Outs. We’re on the hunt for betting sites that offer unique, valuable betting features that help our deposits go further.

Betting App: We prefer to bet on our smartphones and so do many, if not most, Aussies that use online betting services. The best betting sites are those that offer feature-rich, intuitive and efficient mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

VIP Program: Loyalty programs are the best way to reward the loyalty of customers that spend the most time on a betting site, but not many Aussie sites seem to offer such a feature. We’re much more fond of those that do.

Safety & Security: Betting sites should always implement the necessary security features in order to protect your data. When we sign up with betting sites, we enter a lot of personal information, including payment details, and we don’t want third parties to be able to get hold of it.

Payment Methods: Debit cards, credit cards, a multitude of payment systems, crypto and even cash are used to make deposits and withdrawals at online betting sites around the world. While Aussie betting sites don’t offer quite as many payment methods as international sites, we still look for the sites that offer the greatest number of secure payment options for customers.

Live Betting & Live Streaming: Modern technology has allowed betting sites to be able to offer in-play betting markets, where punters can wager on the action as it unfolds in real time. Our favourite betting sites offer live betting alongside a live stream so that we can judge whether an event is starting to swing in favour of the opponent and Cash Out if the feature is available.

Customer Support: A betting site can only be as good as the customer service that it provides. The site could be feature-rich and offer the best odds, but if we’re having technical difficulties, the site may as well not exist at all. We test customer service teams to make sure they’re knowledgeable, friendly and quick to respond.

Promotions: Due to recent changes in Australian law, we are no longer able to detail the exact promotions that are available on a particular betting site. However, we can still rate them ourselves and let you know which site we prefer for the offers they have.

Licensing and Regulation: Australian betting sites should always be licensed by the appropriate authorities before they are able to offer betting services to Australian customers. We make sure all the betting sites we feature are licensed and regulated before pitting them against each other in the Battle of the Bookies.

Responsible Gambling Practices: It’s usually very clear how much a betting site cares about its customers, based on the existence of a Responsible Gambling Policy as well as tools like deposit limits and self-exclusion. Sites that don’t offer information on responsible gambling will always be frowned upon by us.

Our Verdict: Ladbrokes AU vs Dabble

Now that we've dissected every nook and cranny of these two betting sites, it's time to unveil our final judgement before we spill the beans on how we arrived at each conclusion.

Here are the results in each category in the head-to-head between Ladbrokes Australia and Dabble:

  • Best Betting Odds: Draw.
  • Available Markets: Draw.
  • Best Features: Dabble.
  • Mobile App: Dabble.
  • VIP Program: Draw.
  • Safety and Security: Draw.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Options: Ladbrokes AU.
  • Live Betting and Live Streaming: Ladbrokes AU.
  • Customer Service: Ladbrokes AU.
  • Safer Gambling: Draw.
  • Licensing and Regulation: Draw.
  • Best offers: Draw.

3-2 is a close comparison, with Dabble being able to keep up with Ladbrokes in most parts thanks to the way the service has been set up.

While Ladbrokes does technically win, it’s impossible to ignore the number of draws, as well as the importance of the categories in which Dabble earned its points.

Our conclusion is that you should certainly give both sites a try to see which one you prefer, as one may meet your individual needs much more than the other.

Ladbrokes AU Pros & Cons

Live video stream of horse racing (and some sports).

Ladbrokes card for easy deposits and withdrawals.

Excellent selection of sports markets.

Multi-builder tool for easy betting.

Lack of variety of futures betting markets.

Fixed odds are relatively low.

Customer support can improve.

Dabble Pros & Cons

Smooth, straightforward app design.

Unique social aspects.

Informative tips.

Live streams.

No Esports.

No Live Chat.

No in-play markets.

Comparing Ladbrokes vs Dabble Betting Odds

Sports and racing odds offered by Ladbrokes and Dabble are comparable to those offered by the majority of other Australian betting sites. You can gamble with confidence here since you won't find considerably better odds anyplace else.

This is typical in Australia, as any betting sites that try to enter the scene and charge too much for betting markets are quickly put in their place and don’t stick around for long unless they change their approach.

With both of these two betting sites offering competitive odds across their sports and racing, this first round will be noted as a tie.


What Markets Are Available at Ladbrokes vs Dabble

Ladbrokes has got you covered with 25 sports to bet on, plus the three main racing types. No matter what floats your boat, you'll find something to tickle your fancy on this site. With a plethora of betting markets available for every sport, you can finally prove to your friends that your sports and racing knowledge is not just for show.

Dabble offers a smorgasbord of betting markets, ranging from horse racing to other sports. This betting app is a real racing triple threat, offering thoroughbred, harness, and Greyhound events from every corner of the globe. From footy to rugby, basketball to soccer, MMA to tennis, they've got all the major leagues covered, as well as many of the smaller, domestic leagues in several sports.

In a section that is usually dominated by Ladbrokes, we’re going to announce this round as yet another draw due to the sheer number of betting markets available on each of these betting platforms.

Which Sportsbook Offers the Best Features?

Ladbrokes is considered more of a traditional betting site, even if they do keep up to date with modern betting trends and update their features regularly.

Dabble is a modern betting app that we cannot see being beaten by anybody in this category though. As they state themselves, “The Dabble app is stuffed with so many features, you’ll be as entertained as a cat playing with a laser pointer”.

With betting features like Copy Bet, Bet Description and DabbleDiv Exotics, alongside their many social components, Dabble will be crowned the Best Feature Champion in this head-to-head with Ladbrokes Australia.

Does Ladbrokes vs Dabble Have the Mobile Betting App?

Ladbrokes Australia has a betting application that can be downloaded and installed on all recent versions of the Android and iOS platforms. Whether you’ve got an iPhone, iPad, Google Pixel, Samsung or similar device, you can enjoy the full Ladbrokes experience on the go.

Dabble, well, is an app. The only way to enjoy what Dabble has to offer is to download the application, which is available on all of the same devices listed above.

In what seems a little unfair to Ladbrokes, given that they’re doing what they can to provide a decent mobile experience, Dabble will be the winner of this section as they focus everything they have on their application-based betting experience.


Ladbrokes vs Dabble VIP Program Comparison

Neither Ladbrokes nor Dabble offer a genuine VIP program, however much they try to say they reward repeat customers through their promotions.

The truth is, when the promotions are available to all customers, it’s not loyalty that’s being rewarded, so while the offers are certainly generous, it’s not the same as offering a loyalty program for those that spend more time and money with the site.

With neither side offering a VIP program, this section of the comparison article will be noted as another draw.

Ladbrokes vs Dabble Safety and Security

If you’re rightly concerned about your online safety, you can relax when using either of these two betting platforms.

Ladbrokes Australia and Dabble use encryption technology to make sure your information cannot be read by any hackers that manage to somehow get hold of it.

The Safety and Security segment of this review will be listed as yet another draw, with no points going to either side.

Comparing Deposit and Withdrawal Options

In the payment section of these bookie face-offs, Ladbrokes is a tough nut to crack. This is due to the sheer number of payment options they accept from their customers. They may be a traditional betting site, but they certainly accept the most contemporary payment methods.

Dabble does accept some popular, secure payment options, however, in terms of numbers, they aren’t competing with Ladbrokes in this section and Ladbrokes take the point.

Live Betting and Streaming Options: Ladbrokes vs Dabble

Looking for a thrilling live betting experience? Ladbrokes is a real contender since they've got more live markets than you can shake a hockey stick at, covering all your favourite sports. Catch all the action live on the site thanks to their live-streaming service - no need to leave your comfy couch!

Dabble may not have in-play betting markets just yet, but we’re sure this is something they’ll look at adding in the future. The app does provide Sky Racing live, though, so you can watch the races you’ve wagered on. Dabble also stream regularly with its own hosts and discusses upcoming sporting events while providing expert tips.

We’re impressed with the live-streaming features on both of these betting platforms, however, simply due to the lack of in-play betting markets at Dabble, this round goes to Ladbrokes.


Comparing Ladbrokes vs Dabble Customer Service

With Dabble still being a relatively new betting site, the experience of the customer service team does not yet quite match up to what is provided by the veterans at Ladbrokes.

Ladbrokes offers a huge selection of ways to get in touch with them, and you can do so at any hour of the day or night.

Time will tell whether or not Dabble will be able to compete with Ladbrokes in this category, but, for now, the point goes to Ladbrokes Australia.

Where Do Ladbrokes vs Dabble Stand on Safer Gambling

Ladbrokes is a well-known name across the world, and the firm has always been dedicated to its consumers by making it easy for them to find answers to their own problems.

Dabble is committed to giving its consumers a fun and rewarding betting experience. The firm is dedicated to combating problem gambling and promotes responsible gaming as part of this effort.

Since both of these websites have shown their dedication to customer safety, we can't give either one of them the win in this area.

Where Are Ladbrokes vs Dabble Licensed and Regulated?

Both Ladbrokes and Dabble are licensed by the Northern Territory Racing Commission, which is one of the most recognised authorities in the Australian gambling scene.

As a result, this round is another tie, with both doing everything they should be doing to be considered legitimate online betting companies.

Does Ladbrokes vs Dabble Have The Best Offers?

One thing we love about both of these sites is their clear understanding of what their customers are after. We don’t just mean promotions as a generalisation, but the kinds of promotions that are being offered.

The offers at both sites, without going into too much detail, are always relevant, meaning there’s always something to make the most of when wagering on the latest and biggest events.

Ladbrokes vs Dabble FAQs

Can you have both a Dabble and Ladbrokes account?

Australian punters can open accounts with Ladbrokes, Dabble and as many other betting sites as they like.

Which Bookmaker has been around longer?

Ladbrokes is one of the oldest betting companies in the world and Dabble is one of the newest in Australia - Ladbrokes is more than 130 years older than Dabble.

Do both bookmakers have mobile apps?

Ladbrokes Australia has a mobile betting app and Dabble is a mobile betting app.

Which betting site offers the better odds - Dabble or Ladbrokes?

The odds on racing and sports at both Dabble and Ladbrokes are competitive with the rest of the Australian market.

Do Dabble and Ladbrokes allow for live betting?

Punters can bet on live events at Ladbrokes but they cannot at Dabble.

Who offers the better customer service, Dabble or Ladbrokes?

Dabble and Ladbrokes both offer great customer service but we’ve awarded the point to Ladbrokes in this head-to-head.