vs Bet365 Australia - In-Depth Betting Site Comparison

20 Apr 2023
Jake McEvoy 20 Apr 2023
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We're comparing two companies that are household names in the world of sports betting in this head-to-head. This is a Ladbrokes vs Bet365 head-to-head showdown between two titans, and the outcome promises to be riveting.
Both brands were founded in England more than a century apart, however they are seen by most as on par when it comes to the overall quality of the betting service they provide.

Although Bet365 Aus is much younger, it is still one of the industry veterans as it has still been around since 2000, which means it is now approaching a quarter of a century in age itself.

So, how do we compare two titans and decipher which is the best of the two? Read the following paragraphs to find out!
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Ladbrokes Australia vs Bet365 Australia Comparison

We need to go much deeper than merely the general betting experience to determine which of these two betting companies is superior. Each site has to be dissected into its component parts so that we may compare them on an individual basis.

After gathering all of the data and tallying the results, we will be in a much better position to objectively determine which site is superior.

Here are all the factors we consider when comparing two bookmakers:

Odds Value: When we pay for any product or service, price is important. In fact, it’s one of the first factors that we consider. When it comes to online betting sites, the site with the best odds is usually the one that wins new customers over.

Available Markets: At the end of the day, we’re just trying to have a good time when we’re betting on sports. The more markets there are, the more there is to do and the more fun there is to be had.

Betting Features: With so many betting sites on the Aussie market, sites need to add unique betting features to help them stand out from the crowd. Often, these features can give clients a better chance of winning their bets, and these are the features that will draw new clients.

Betting App: Thanks to modern technology, betting services are becoming more and more compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Top betting sites tend to be the ones that offer a dedicated mobile app for both Android and iOS.

VIP Program: Customers like to feel appreciated, regardless of which industry we’re talking about. Sports bettors often spend a lot of money with the sites they are signed up with, so it’s always nice to see some kind of VIP program that rewards those that spend more time and money.

Safety & Security: When we create an account and bet on sports with an online betting site, we are required to enter all of our personal information and payment details. It’s nice to know that all of this info is kept safe with encryption technology and that the site doesn’t sell the information on to third parties.

Payment Methods: Australian betting sites aren’t known to offer the greatest range of payment options, however, those that they do offer are usually secure, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself.

Live Betting & Live Streaming: Most bets these days are still placed pre-match, however there is certainly a decent portion of punters that like to bet on matches in-play. Furthermore, it’s even better when customers are able to watch the event they’re betting on as it takes place via a live stream on the site.

Customer Support: Even if a site excels in most areas, that’s no good if you can’t get hold of a member of staff when you’ve run into an issue. The best betting sites are those that offer the best customer support, which involves fast responses in a timely manner.

Promotions: Promotions help sports and racing bettors get the most out of their money and essentially increase the likelihood of winning some money back. There are all kinds of offers out there, so you need to find the one that offers the kinds of promos that suit your preferences.

Licensing and Regulation: In order for an online betting site to be able to offer its services in a particular region, it must have the appropriate licensing and be regulated by an official authority. We make sure the two betting sites we’re comparing have exactly that, as well as the safety features mentioned earlier.

Responsible gambling practices: Responsible gambling is a factor you may not consider until you need it. The best betting sites are those that provide tools to help customers avoid developing any symptoms related to problem gambling.

Our Verdict: Ladbrokes Australia vs Bet365 Australia

Taking all of the above criteria into account, it’s time to announce our official verdict. Which bookie - Ladbrokes or Bet365 - can be considered the best in each category?

  • Best Betting Odds: Draw
  • Available Markets: Ladbrokes
  • Best Features: Draw
  • Mobile App: Draw
  • VIP Program: Draw
  • Safety and Security: Draw
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Options: Bet365
  • Live Betting and Live Streaming: Draw
  • Customer Service: Ladbrokes
  • Safer Gambling: Draw
  • Licensing and regulation: Draw
  • Best offers: Ladbrokes

In what may be one of the most difficult comparisons we’ve had to make, there’s a good chance that, whichever betting site you choose, will simply come down to personal preference and nothing more.

In most areas, Ladbrokes and Bet365 offer the best service available, which means many of the category comparisons have resulted in a draw.

If we absolutely have to choose a winner here, though, it will be Ladbrokes thanks to the overall betting experience.

Ladbrokes Australia Pros & Cons

Live video stream of horse racing (and some sports).

Ladbrokes card for easy deposits and withdrawals.

Excellent selection of sports markets.

Multi-builder tool for easy betting.

Lack of variety of futures betting markets.

Fixed odds are relatively low

Customer support can improve.

Bet365 Australia Pros & Cons

Great range of sports.

Live betting.

Easy to navigate.

Mobile app.

PayPal accepted.

Informative customer service team.

The site takes some time to get used to.

Verification can take time.

Comparing Ladbrokes vs Bet365 Australia Betting Odds

It’s rare that we see betting sites in Australia with significantly better or worse odds than their competitors. This is because, as we’ve said before, those that try to undercut or charge too much are never around for long.

Ladbrokes - especially when their promotions come into play - have the average odds at a minimum and sometimes even a little better priced than other Aussie betting sites.

The situation is more or less the same at bet365, where the odds for all of the most popular sports are on par with their competitors, however we have noticed some prices that beat some of the smaller competitors when it comes to racing.

What Markets Are Available at Ladbrokes vs Bet365 Aus

Ladbrokes is known for offering a huge number of sports to bet on, especially when compared to many of the other online betting sites that are available in Australia.

It’s not just a case of offering the popular sports and calling it a day. Ladbrokes also offer the smaller, lesser-wagered sports and hobbies, with a great number of individual markets available within each.

Bet365 Australia is more or less the same. There may be a slightly fewer number of sports, but it’s still a lengthy list, and there is plenty to bet on within each one.

Both sites offer markets for the biggest worldwide events and the smallest domestic leagues, so no matter what your market preferences may be, you’re sure to be content with the options.


Which Sportsbook Offers the Best Features?

Neither of these two sites offers much in the way of unique betting features. It’s much more a case of the standard features we’ve become used to seeing.

The features that are available are certainly welcome and can be used to enhance the overall betting experience.

Does Ladbrokes vs Bet365 Australia Have the Best Mobile Betting App?

For players to be able to make use of a sportsbook's services when they're on the go, it's practically essential that the site provides a downloadable app.

Bet365 Australia deserves praise for its excellent mobile software, which works on both iOS and Android devices. Everything that can be done on the full website can also be done in this app.

The same is true for Ladbrokes, so whether or not you join up for both services, you may use either one on your preferred mobile device.


Ladbrokes vs Bet365 Australia VIP Program Comparison

Neither Ladbrokes Australia nor Bet365 Australia offers a standard VIP program, but this does not mean your loyalty will go unrewarded.

There are so many promotions being offered on each of these sites that you’ll feel like a VIP anyway.

Ladbrokes vs Bet365 Safety and Security

When you’re providing your personal information and payment details during registration and banking, you can relax knowing that your information is protected by SSL encryption security on both of these sites.

This is the highest level of security that a betting site can employ and the same protection that online banks and financial institutions use on their sites as well.

Comparing Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Ladbrokes allow customers to use a decent variety of payment options for payments in and out of their betting accounts, including PayPal, which we do not see very often in Australia.

In total there are 14 methods that can be used to make deposits and withdrawals at Bet365. This is about 10 more than the total we’re used to seeing at the average Aussie bookmaker.

Live Betting and Streaming Options: Ladbrokes vs Bet365 Australia

One of the most thrilling aspects of betting on sports and racing at Ladbrokes is the ability to see the action unfold in real-time while placing wagers.

Live streaming is available at Bet365 with only a paid account. Pick a show to kick off your broadcast. If you want to watch an event on Bet365, you may need to have placed a bet on it before, so be sure to read the site's rules first.


Comparing Ladbrokes vs Bet365 Australia Customer Service

The good news is that the methods you have open to you to contact a Ladbrokes representative will change depending on the particulars of your inquiries.

Ladbrokes Australia's customer care specialists put in a lot of effort to make sure they can respond to your inquiries and problems in the fastest way possible. We are fortunate to get responses that are often both timely and insightful.

The Bet365 customer support team may be reached in Australia round-the-clock on the phone or via live chat online using a variety of contact options.

Although some other Australian betting sites make it more difficult to reach their customer service, we like the number of help options Bet365 offers us, especially considering that their support team was not as hospitable as others that we have encountered.

Where Do Ladbrokes vs Bet365 Stand on Safer Gambling

Ladbrokes must abide by a number of regulations regarding their betting operations, including the South Australian Gambling Codes of Practice Notice and the Northern Territory Code of Practice for Responsible Service of Online Gambling.

The South Australian Gambling Codes of Practice Notice and the Northern Territory Code of Practice for Responsible Service of Online Gambling are only two of the many pieces of legislation that apply to Bet365's betting activities. Both of these regulations were developed to guarantee the honest treatment of internet gamblers.

Where Are Ladbrokes vs Bet365 Licensed and Regulated?

Both of the bookies in question here have all of the necessary licensing and regulations in place to render them secure, trustworthy betting sites.

The Northern Territory Racing Commission, one of Australia's principal race betting regulating organizations, licences and controls Ladbrokes Australia.

The Northern Territory government has given a valid licence to Bet365 Australia. This means that not only is online betting with Bet365 Australia legal but there is also zero risk involved when it comes to your data.

Does Ladbrokes vs Bet365 Australia Have The Best Offers?

While there may be no signup offers available at Aussie betting sites anymore, there are still some to make the most of once you’ve created your account.

Usually, you can’t see what these promotions are until you’ve created an account, however both Ladbrokes and Bet365 do disclose some of this information on their home pages before you’ve established an account with them.


Ladbrokes vs Bet365 Aus FAQs

Can you have both a Bet365 Australia and Ladbrokes account?

Australian gamblers are allowed to open accounts with as many bookies as they like, as long as they only create one with each. You may have an account with Ladbrokes and Bet365, for example.

Which Bookmaker has been around longer?

Ladbrokes has been around for much longer than most bookies. Bet365 is no new betting site though, having been around for more than 25 years.

Do both bookmakers have mobile apps?

Both Ladbrokes and Bet365 have mobile applications that can be installed on Android and iOS devices.

Which betting site offers the better odds – Bet365 Aus or Ladbrokes?

Across the board, the odds at both Ladbrokes and Bet365 Australia are comparable.

Do Bet365 Australia and Ladbrokes allow for live betting?

Live betting is available on both Ladbrokes Australia and Bet365 Australia, so you can bet on the action as it takes place.

Who offers the better customer service, or Ladbrokes?

Both Bet365 and Ladbrokes offer immediate, friendly and informative customer service whenever you need to get in contact with them.