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    Compare Australian Bookmakers

    The Australian betting landscape is stacked with bookmakers seemingly from every part of the globe. New betting sites are flooding the market at a furious pace, leaving Aussie punters with tons of choices. How do you decide which is the right bookmaker for you?

    Thankfully, we have the answer to your dilemma. Our bookmaker comparison is designed to sort out the best from the rest. Our comparisons take place in a head-to-head format, with bookmakers ‘competing’ across several categories, including markets, odds, features payment methods and customer service.

    Through this process, bettors will be able to formulate a proper picture of what a good betting site looks like. Buckle up, we’re about to get started! 

    Sports Sponsorships

    Our comparisons will always look at whether or not the bookmakers concerned provide sponsorships to local sports teams or leagues. We may be biased, but we reckon that it’s always a good thing for betting sites to support sports development in Australia, right? Some of the most prominent bookmakers, such as Bet365 and TAB, have longstanding partnerships with local leagues and national teams.

    Australian Owned, or Globally Sourced?

    Our comparison list also examines whether a bookmaker is 100% Australian owned, or internationally imported. Australia has plenty of world-class homegrown betting sites to choose from, including Palmerbet, TopSport, Winnersbet and Betr.

    Why Do We Need To Compare Bookmakers?

    It’s easy to think that comparing bookmakers is a pointless exercise. Certainly not! By conducting these comparisons, Aussie bettors are quickly able to determine which sites have a superior offering. 

    While every bookmaker may seem to offer similar types of betting services, the reality is that not every betting site is created equal. 

    Through our bookmaker comparisons, punters will quickly be able to spot the differences, however subtle they may be. This ultimately enables these customers to make more informed betting decisions.

    So, how do we compare Bookmakers in Australia?

    We understand that comparing bookmakers cannot simply be a matter of personal preference. To provide you with an accurate and fair assessment, there must be certain metrics against which these bookmakers can be judged. When doing our comparison, we consider the following factors:

    • Available Markets
    • Odds Value
    • Betting Features
    • Bonuses and Promotions
    • Betting Apps
    • Payment methods
    • Live Betting
    • Live Streaming
    • Customer Support
    • Licensing and Regulation
    • Responsible Gambling Practices

    Let’s take a deep dive into these factors, shall we?

    Available Markets

    When it comes to sports markets, more is certainly better. The top Australian bookmakers will usually have a large selection of racing and sports markets to offer punters. 

    These markets will usually span a variety of sporting codes, including Aussie Rules, rugby league, cricket, soccer, basketball, American Football and many others. 

    Lastly, we look at whether these bookmakers incorporate any niche markets, or if they simply stick to the tried and tested. 

    Our finding is that the best Aussie betting sites tend to include a few novel markets such as esports, handball and politics, to compliment the rest of their more established markets.

    Odds Value

    Odds are an incredibly important component of a bookmaker, as they determine how much a bettor could make from a particular winning bet. When comparing Australian bookmakers, we examine how competitive their odds are across the board, as well as in specific markets. Even if the odds differ by a fraction, this can have a huge impact on the winnings that are ultimately paid out.

    Betting Features

    When comparing Aussie betting sites, we always keep an eye on the range of betting features on offer. These features usually include live streaming, in-play betting and cash out (which involves the early payout of a bet) Bookmakers who offer interesting and unique betting features generally rank higher than those who do not.

    Bonuses and Promotions

    Ongoing promotions and bonuses will certainly play a role in the customer’s overall experience at an Australian bookmaker. Due to current legislation, no Australian betting site offers any type of welcome bonus. 

    Many top sites will make up for this by offering a selection of promotions that cater to existing customers. These offers will include bonus bets, bonus cash, money back odds, bet match promotions, loyalty programs and many others. 

    Bookmakers that offer some or all of these popular promotions are likely to be ranked more favourably. Any novel and creative promotions are also welcomed.

    Betting Apps

    Mobile betting apps are essential for any bookmaker who is looking to grow and expand their reach. 

    Today’s punter knows that things can change in an instant and he wants to be able to take advantage of those changes immediately. As a result, he will usually opt for betting sites that offer him the freedom to bet on the go. 

    Additionally, most Australian bookmakers offer a wide variety of international betting markets which operate in different time zones. Mobile betting apps allow punters to easily place bets in these markets, irrespective of the time of day or night.

    When comparing bookmakers on the issue of mobile apps, we take the following into account:

    Responsiveness: How responsive is the app? Does it respond quickly to a command given, or does it lag? The best apps are incredibly responsive, enabling bettors to easily wager when time is of the essence.

    Functionality: Does the app offer the same functionality as the desktop version? Can punters find the same features and markets, or are these features limited on the mobile app? Top bookmakers strive to ensure that punters can enjoy the same functionality on their mobile devices as they do on their laptops or desktops.

    Ease of Use: Is it easy to use the app? Can bettors easily navigate through the app?

    Availability: Is the mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices?
    Answering these questions give us a clear picture of which bookmakers have a quality mobile app to offer.

    Payment Methods

    Payment methods may not always be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing a particular bookie over another, but it is still an important factor. When comparing the payment methods of bookmakers, we take a look at the following aspects:

    Range: Does the bookmaker offer a wide array of deposit and withdrawal methods? Is there a good mix of options, such as credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid vouchers and bank transfers?

    Processing times: Different payment methods have different processing times. Does the bookmaker provide payment options that allow for the speedy processing of withdrawals?

    Security: How safe is it to deposit and withdraw from a particular bookmaker? What security measures does the betting site have in place to protect the customers’ transactions?

    Fees: Are there any fees associated with depositing or withdrawing funds? The higher the fees, the less the customer ultimately receives!

    Live Betting

    Live betting (or in-play betting) allows punters to wager on specific aspects of a sports event that has already commenced. 

    The best Australian betting sites have readily provided a great selection of live betting markets for punters to choose from, across the most popular sporting codes. Bookmakers are usually ranked on the range of in-play options that they offer. Note that Australian law only allows for in-play betting via telephone.

    Live Streaming

    In addition, to live betting, live streaming has also become an increasingly sought-after feature in online sports betting. Many Aussie bookies do not offer this benefit. The ones that do offer live streaming will often limit the feature to cover horse racing only. Some will even give their patrons access to third-party streaming sites. Because of these limitations, any bookmaker that offers live streaming across both racing and sports events will inevitably rank highly on our list.

    Customer Support

    Customer support is a critical factor when comparing betting sites. When we compare bookmakers on this aspect, we consider the following:

    Selection of channels: Bookies need to have a good variety of support channels. Telephone, email and live chat are all popular options, but several betting sites have gone a step further by including support channels on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

    Round-the-clock support: Bookmakers that offer 24/7 support always compares favourably with those that don’t. Having a consultant on hand to deal with queries at any time, makes things a lot easier for punters;

    Quality of support: Are the service consultants knowledgeable, professional and friendly? What are their response times like? These factors all contribute to the quality of support that a bookie offers.

    Additionally, many top betting sites will have a detailed FAQ link readily available on the page, so that punters do not have to contact someone to have a simple question answered.

    Licensing and Regulation

    A key question to deal with is the aspect of licensing and regulation. Is the bookmaker operating legally in Australia? 

    If so, do they have the authority to operate throughout Australia, or are they limited in certain regions and territories? Are they complying with Australian gambling law? 

    All these questions are important, as they indicate whether you can trust a particular betting site. Thankfully, all the bookies listed here a fully licensed to offer services in Australia!

    Responsible Gambling Practices

    A final point to consider is the aspect of responsible gambling. This factor is important as it focuses on the protection of those who may be at risk of gambling addiction. 

    When comparing bookies on this point, we focus on how far the bookmaker will go to protect punters who are struggling with gambling addiction. 

    We also examine how proactive betting sites are in promoting safer gambling practices. Do they offer practical advice on how to prevent gambling addiction? And if someone needs support, are there sufficient avenues through which that person can seek help?

    The Verdict

    Bookmaker comparisons are done on a ‘head-to-head’ basis. We score each category in favour of one bookie or another and the bookmaker with the most category wins is declared the winner. Doing this allows punters to see which betting sites provide the best opportunities when it comes to markets, odds, promotions, features, payment methods and customer service.

    Bookmaker Comparison FAQs

    Is sports betting legal in Australia?

    Yes, it is. Sports betting is completely legal in Australia if you are betting at a bookmaker that is licensed to operate in Australia and regulated by local governing bodies. Be sure to check if your preferred betting site is properly licensed!

    Can I claim a welcome bonus when I sign up at a betting site?

    Unfortunately, this is not allowed. Australian law prohibits any Australian bookmaker from offering welcome bonuses to new customers that register a new account. However, many betting sites do have existing promotions available after you become an existing customer.

    What is In-Play Betting?

    In-play betting refers to a punter wagering on a sports match or race that has already started. There are usually a variety of scenarios that customers can bet on within a game or match. Make sure you check out our comparisons to see which sites offer in-play betting.

    Do all betting sites have a mobile app?

    No, they do not. While many bookmakers have already developed their mobile apps, there are still a few that have not yet gone down that road. Those that don’t have a mobile app available will likely still have a mobile site where punters can access their betting accounts.

    Which payment methods are best for betting sites?

    The payment method you choose will largely depend on your personal preferences. As such, there is no single ‘best payment method’ for betting sites. If you’re looking for quick withdrawals, you may want to look for sites that offer e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller and Skrill.

    So, what is the best betting site in Australia?

    Once again, there’s no right or wrong answer here. It all boils down to your preferences. We will, however, strongly advise you to check out our comparison page, as this will go a long way to helping you make that final decision. The rest is up to you!