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    GOT IT
    Betting promotions in Australia have had a huge makeover since implementing new legislation to protect the public, especially in terms of online sports wagers. Sports betting and racing have a long history of popularity in Australia and have increased exponentially with the explosion of online gaming. 

    With in-play betting being the only exception, sports betting, racing and lotteries are the only forms of online gambling that are legal under the Interactive Gambling Act, implemented in 2001. With legalised gambling comes restrictions, and it prevents bookmakers from offering inducements to attract new customers.

    Bookmakers may not entice customers by promoting free bets, buy-get offers or competition entries to sign up, but these and similar promotions are available to sports fans once they have opened an account and they can see offers in the bookmaker’s lobby section. 

    There are hundreds of sports betting sites online to choose from in Australia and NewBettingSites offers valuable insight on promotions available for new and existing customers. We recommend Australia’s biggest bookmakers and look at the latest betting promotions and offers you can take advantage of. 
    We advise you to choose a trusted and well-respected sportsbook that is licensed to operate in Australia. When deciding on a sportsbook, choose one that offers a vast range of markets on a variety of sports, one that makes the placing of a wager straightforward.

    In this NewBettingSites guide, we provide a detailed overview of promotions and bonuses that are available to Australian bettors, and how sports fans can utilise these offers. You will also learn the importance of understanding T&Cs and which terms to be aware of, and learn how to claim offers. 

    Latest Bookmaker Promotions

    Special Offers for New Customers

    Best Betting Promotions and Special Offers

    Online betting promotions and special offers add more excitement to an already fun event and vary in size and scope across the industry. These offers are widely available to reward loyal customers who have stayed with a particular bookmaker.

    Betting sites have different specials and promotions on a weekly or even daily basis and get updated regularly. NewBettingSites takes an in-depth look at various offers (like price pushes, increased odds and odds drift protector) available for bettors, the important terms and conditions to be aware of, and how these offers can be claimed. 

    If you are looking for the latest betting promotions, enhanced odds or promotions on special, you have come to the right place. Follow the links below and see the best betting promos currently available from Australia's biggest bookmakers. 

    Benefits of Bookmaker Promotions

    Licenced bookmakers, who have been registered as interactive gambling providers in Australia, regularly update their promotions. Adding value to membership, focusing on service providing and special features would play a huge role in which betting site punters will choose to bet with.

    Bookmakers betting promotions are there to enhance the odds, providing features to better the gambling experience, add value to claimed bets and provide more value for money spent. These range from regular daily promos like Best Tote, Starting Price and Protest Payout on horse racing, harness or greyhound racing, to huge specials on weekends on the big races, NRL and AFL footy matches, UFC and boxing matches. 

    An abundance of offers are available to use on a daily basis and bookmakers will stand out from the crowd depending on the types of offers they bring to the market and the value it adds for punters. Thanks to this, bookmakers have had to get creative with their promotions. 

    Types of Sports Betting Offers

    Australia has a very large number of sports punters and the booming industry is proof thereof. Of all the betting offers out there, sports betting is amongst the most popular in Australia and has led to fierce competition amongst bookmakers. 

    Many exciting offers like boosted odds, free bets, reload bonuses and cashback bonuses are available to registered account holders. They normally link these offers to your first one or more deposits. You will therefore first need to open an account in order to choose the best offer for you. 

    Here are examples of what offers you will come across and what each offer is all about: 

    Boosted Odds

    Bookmakers offer enhanced promos to new and existing customers in some markets which provide good value to betting fans. Although they are prevented from advertising these big promotions to new customers, existing bettors are free to take full advantage of them. Racing Specials are good examples of boosted odds offers and are freely available.

    Boosted odds can also include insurance where special odds get paid out for a horse to finish 1st or 2nd in a race, and sometimes these offers feature a top 3 finish giving a special price for these horses. These offers are normally available for specific popular games and provide a significantly higher return should you be able to predict correctly.  

    You may also boost your odds with two runners for the price of one. Should you have difficulty choosing between two horses, for instance, you may find them both as part of a promotion, and some bookmakers offer odds for either horse A or Horse B to win a race.

    Free Bets

    These types of bets provide the bettor with the opportunity to place a bet without the need to spend more money and can take many forms. They have outlawed free bets in Australia, but you can learn more about it in our dedicated section. 

    Cashback Bonuses

    This bonus offer provides a return to a customer that is based on a previously placed bet. Sometimes the bookmaker may only apply a cashback bonus on lost bets, while other bookies reward a cashback bonus on winning or losing bets. Because of Australian gambling laws, the availability of these offers has also significantly reduced and are not as widely offered as before. 

    Bookmaker Promotions

    Australian bookmakers have fierce competition and the sort of specials and promotions on offer play a big role when punters choose new betting sites to bet with. These form an integral part of the service that bookmakers in Australia offer and contribute to the value it provides its customers. 

    Betting promotions are regularly updated on bookmakers' websites and usually encourage bettors to check in daily for the latest promotion on offer.  

    Promotions may vary from regular promotions like Best Tote, Starting Price and Protest Payout which will apply to all the daily punts on horse racing, harness or greyhound racing, to weekend specials on the big AFL and NRL footie match races or big UFC and boxing matches. 

    All bookmakers have promotions to make sure their customers, new or existing, get the best value for their buck. 

    Changes in Australian betting legislation have forced bookmakers to get creative with their promotions and this has only enhanced the experience for sports fans. 

    Bookmakers are banned from offering bonus bets and inducements as a form of advertising for new customers and this has led to the creation of exciting and some excellent features being offered to bettors online. 

    Bookmaker promotions are instead focused on providing enhanced odds and price increases to claim added value on bets.

    Cashback bonuses and bet refund offers when your team loses, or signing up promotion codes are no longer permitted for sports fans. Instead, offers will include rewards or payouts should your team lead by a certain number of points, no matter what the outcome of the said game will be. Boosted odds for runners in horse races are regularly promoted with offers like Play of the Day, Price Push and Megabet products. 

    Bookmakers are bringing substantial offers to the market and will try to outshine each other by offering excellent specials regularly, providing punters with the best value for their money. New betting sites launch regularly and will try to stand out from the crowd with the type of promotions they bring to the market. 

    How To Join Australia’s New Betting Sites

    Unlocking the best betting offers at Australia’s betting sites is a straightforward process. Sportsbook bonuses are easy to get hold of and we invite you to explore our list of recommended new betting sites above. Below is a step-by-step process that is based on our experience with several bookmakers and should be helpful with joining most of the betting sites.

    Sign Up:

    1. Choose an online bookmaker
    2. Register an account following the steps provided
    3. Complete the registration and verification process


    1. Visit the promotion page or free bets offer section
    2. Click on the box with your preferred, chosen option/welcome bonus
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions 
    4. Choose the payment method & follow the prompts

    Important: Be sure to choose a payment method that will not exclude you from being eligible for the chosen promotion. You will find that some promotions exclude e-Wallets, but debit or credit cards are acceptable. 

    Bet Process:

    1. Place your bet as instructed, complying with the bookies and the offer’s minimum
    2. Fulfil the bonus and all its requirements
    3. Wait for the bonus to reflect (usually within 24 hours after all the requirements are met)
    4. Important: Be sure to visit the promotion page for full info about the available bonuses and which requirements need to be met. Check out the relevant terms and conditions beforehand. 
    5. Should you have any difficulty in claiming your sports betting bonus offer, the bookmakers’ customer care team are ready and available to assist with any trouble you may have.

    Sports Betting Terms and Conditions

    Online bookmakers might offer rewards, bonuses and gifts to their customers, but they seldom come with no strings attached. T&Cs are important and need to be read thoroughly before a real deposit or bet is placed or an offer is claimed. 

    Before you receive a bonus or are eligible to withdraw it, you will usually need to adhere to the betting offer’s specific terms and you will normally need to fulfil certain conditions. Every sportsbook has its own set of conditions but they are likely to include some or all of the following key elements:

    Turnover Requirement: Also referred to as wagering requirements, this condition outlines the number of times you would need to use your bonus before you can withdraw it. 

    Expiration Date: You will have a limited time available within which to fulfil the said turnover requirements. Most betting offers come with an expiry date (such as placing a minimum bet and fulfilling the turnover requirements within a certain time) and you may lose the offer altogether if not met within the given time limit.

    Legal Territories: Certain territories may be excluded from making use of certain promotions, and they limit many of the best betting accounts offered to particular territories. This mostly applies to legislation being available for said promotion. 

    Betting Odds: Most betting offers in Australia have minimum odds as a requirement. This is a very common condition and means that in order to make a qualifying bet (or receive the offer) you would need to place a wager on a market that features the odds of the minimum value or higher. The minimum betting odds usually vary between $1.50 and $2.00.

    Minimum Bet: This condition is like betting odds and refers to the minimum stake or value of your real money bet. Some rare cases may allow a customer to place multiple smaller bets, which add up to the minimum stake, but this is generally not allowed.

    Maximum Bonus: Winning a wager when making use of a bonus comes with a limit to what the maximum payout will be. A bonus offer or promotion will usually specify an amount of 1200x your bet, for example, as a maximum bonus. Similarly, a deposit 100% bonus or reload bonus would be limited to $250, for instance. 

    Avoid These Betting Promo Mistakes

    Betting fans continuously seek out the latest and greatest promotions available and seldom end up disappointed with the outcome. Betting offers are meant to enhance your entertainment and using online sportsbooks should not be a source of income or a guarantee of profit. 

    With that in mind, it will always help bettors to know how to make the most out of betting offers and bet using these handy tips: 

    Don’t forget to set your sights on long odds: Since bookmakers keep initial stakes, longer odds provide the highest probability of any reasonable payout. As you have nothing to lose with a free bet or bonus, you might as well go with your gut and take an unlikely chance with it.

    It’s a good idea to shop around for good terms: Open accounts with multiple platforms in order to compare deals and the terms for those deals. This is the only way you can compare online sportsbook betting offers with Australia’s new advertising gambling restrictions. Have a look at our best betting promotions and special offers for some insight.

    Play it smart: Stick with what you know. In order to maximise your returns and increase your chance of a successful wager, you should only bet on sports and teams you are already familiar with. Should the betting site offer limited options, spend some time researching the sport, teams and players in upcoming matches prior to wagering your first bet. 

    Placing a successful bet is what it is all about and having a little knowledge about a game, its participants and the pitfalls of betting promos, will increase the likelihood of a successful wager and will maximise your returns. 


    • Offers more value for money
    • Makes sports betting more entertaining
    • Easy to use if applicable terms are read & understood
    • Gives you an opportunity to place more bets
    • Makes sports betting potentially more profitable


    • Has limitations, such as preferred payment methods & territories
    • Are subject to strict conditions and wagering requirements
    • Normally ties a bettor to real money deposit

    Bonus Offers and Online Gambling Law in Australia

    Before engaging with online sport betting sites in Australia, there are several legal restrictions you should be aware of. Sports betting, racing and lotteries are the only forms of online gambling that are legal under the Interactive Gambling Act but Australian law forbids the marketing of unregulated online forms of gambling. Because of the online boom in the gambling market, the call for stricter gambling legislation was in order as well as the banning of sports betting ads. 

    Throughout this betting guide, we have emphasised how Australia’s most recent gambling laws have changed the face of the betting promotion landscape in Australia. New and stricter gambling legislation like those implemented by the National Gambling Framework, however, hasn’t stopped bookmakers from offering excellent weekly offers. Online bookmakers still strive to provide punters with more bang for their buck. Let’s have a look at what this law says and discuss how it affects the betting sports fans in Australia.

    In 2018, the National Consumer Protection Framework for gambling and online wagering officially outlawed sign up bonuses being advertised, and bookmakers may not offer any incentives to entice new or unregistered customers to sign up. Unlike most other nations where sports betting is popular, in-play betting for example is not allowed in Australia. 

    Before 2018, Australia’s most relevant piece of legislation was the Interactive Gambling Act, an era where online gambling and digital space for betting and wagering was relatively new and unfamiliar. 
    The new law deeply impacted online betting platforms, and as a result, all betting offers or references to a specific promotion had to be removed.  Online platforms are no longer allowed to promote or offer bonuses and today, the only way a betting fan can view an available betting offer is to register an account with a sportsbook first.

    This law may have added some unwelcome inconvenience to Australian punters but it has also levelled the playing field for all sports betting platforms as they now have to compete using alternative methods and features. Improved customer support, a wider selection of payment methods, better odds and more sports are amongst the many improvements this law has encouraged. Promotions and special betting offers are still available, they have merely become less visible to the direct public.  

    In New South Wales and Victoria, the gambling laws are even stricter.

    Betting Offers in New South Wales

    Bonus bets for NSW residents are banned. This included deposit bonuses, bet match bonuses, cashback/rebates, refer-a-friend and get back offers. Since 2018 the New South Wales government has restricted betting advertisements that would induce residents to gamble. 

    The New South Wales Liquor, Gaming and Racing act regulates gambling in NSW on a state level and online bookmakers who want to attract residents, have to abide by the strict rules regarding betting offers, sign up offers, cashback offers and referral rewards.

    Most online platforms will specify in their full T&Cs if residents of NSW are eligible to partake in the betting offer or not and there is no way to get around this law. Punters in NSW need to look for bookmakers that offer the best overall service and offer the best odds and features.

    In 2019, there was an amendment to the law, allowing bookmakers to offer odd boosts to betting fans in New South Wales. 

    Betting Offers in Victoria

    Much like NSW, similar rules apply to residents of Victoria and online bookmakers are not allowed to provide betting offers to punters who live in Melbourne and surrounding regions. These rules have been in effect long before the federal law was passed in 2019 so in reality, new legislation made little or no difference in Victoria. 

    Odd boosts, match deposit bonuses, reload bonuses and cashback offers are still sparsely available, but to avoid disappointment, be sure to read the applicable T&Cs when looking for the best bookmaker in this region.

    Australian sports fans are well known for having a massive appetite for sport and betting and responsible gambling is a serious issue in Australia. There is ongoing and significant social pressure on the gambling industry to ensure best practices, tackling and solving problem gambling and promoting responsible gambling.
    It is worth being aware of the restrictions that apply when selecting and using online betting sites in Australia. Sports betting is legal and is carried out by some of the world's most respected names in bookmaking.

    How To Withdraw Your Bonus Winnings

    Withdrawing your bonus bet can be tricky and we encourage sports fans to read all the terms and conditions associated with your bonus offer. Most commonly, you cannot withdraw the actual bonus money or free bets added to your account, but you can use the money to bet with and keep the payout of what you win. 

    In our section about sports betting terms and conditions, we discuss most of the withdrawal requirements in depth. Before you can try and make a withdrawal, you need to be certain that you’ve met all the required T&Cs of the bonus.  You risk losing your entire bonus if you do not follow the rules associated with your offer.

    In order to make a withdrawal, you would also need to meet the specified requirements within a limited time period as most bonus offers come with an expiration period.

    You will not be allowed to make any withdrawals without having completed your identity verification. Your KYC (know your client) documentation also needs to be on hand and readily available when opening new accounts and is needed in order to withdraw any bonus winnings. You need to have completed your identity verification as all new accounts must verify that you are who you say you are. This is crucial as it reduces the risk of fraud and helps bookmakers spot underaged gamblers. 

    As soon as the qualifying bets are settled and the T&Cs are met, the withdrawal procedures are easy and usually credited to your account within 24 hours. Only the winnings from a bonus bet will be paid to your account and never the bonus itself. 

    Sports Betting FAQ

    Do Australian sportsbooks offer bonus bets?

    Under Australian gambling legislation, bookmakers are not permitted to offer inducements like bonus bets when a customer signs up for the first time. Bookmakers today focus on adding value for their customers once signed up, instead, like offering built-in features, better odds and quality products.

    What are the best AU promotions?

    In order to get full access to the promotions on offer, you need to be signed up to a bookmaker of your choice first. There are some great offers that add value like BoomBet Weekly Racing specials (where attractive odds are available for one runner) or Unibet's Racing Markets (with special odds on one outcome that include a certain number of winners for a trainer or jockey) which are available daily.

    What current betting promotions are available in Australia?

    Be sure to have a look at our favourite current Australian promotions on offer from bookmakers as well as our recommended new betting sites.

    How do I find the best online betting offers?

    We list the biggest and best offers for Australian top bookies like Ladbrokes Australia, Neds, WinnersBet and RobWaterhouse. Bookmark NewBettingSites and keep an eye on our new updates with exciting offers on a regular basis.

    Which online betting offers are best?

    It really is all about which offers are best for you. Finding the best offers have become significantly harder ever since the new gambling law came into force. We have listed some of the best online bookmakers in Australia above, all known for offering great service, a wide variety to choose from, and attractive betting offers.

    Are betting sign-up offers legal in Australia?

    Betting sign-up offers are banned in Australia. No bookmaker may advertise or offer bonuses or new registration bonuses to new Australian betting fans. You can, however, receive sports betting offers once you have registered an account on your chosen betting site.

    Who regulates the laws around gambling in Australia?

    The ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) formed in 2005, is responsible for monitoring and enforcing the regulation of online gambling as well as interactive (over the phone) gambling laws. In the last five years, the NSW Government introduced various legislative reforms and increased penalties for various contraventions, all in an effort to assist with the regulation of the gambling laws and ensure public health and safety.

    Do mobile betting apps offer bonuses for downloading?

    You can still get offers such as a bonus bet if you use a mobile app. Whether you visit betting sites on your desktop, your mobile or tablet device, all sports betting punters will qualify for whatever free bets and bonuses are being advertised by the said bookmaker.