Winnersbet Vs Unibet - In-Depth Betting Site Comparison

26 Apr 2023
Jake McEvoy 26 Apr 2023
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Winnersbet Vs Unibet
In this newest round of our Battle of the Bookies, two of Australia's most well-known betting sites - Winnersbet and Unibet - will face off throughout 12 rounds to determine which bookie is worthy of being called the Champion.
Winnersbet is a wholly Australian bookmaker that hasn't been around for very long but has already made a name for itself. Da He, who has been in the gambling business for over a decade and has spent some time with some very profitable gambling sites, takes all wagers on this platform.

Winnersbet is an all-new bookmaker in Australia, offering markets for all three racing codes as well as a range of alternative sports, so, if you want to keep your money in the country, you should definitely sign up for an account there.

Unibet has earned a solid reputation across the world as a top provider of online betting services. Unibet's array of markets is perhaps the company's greatest draw for gamblers.

Unibet has serious punters covered, rewarding one's curiosity and competence throughout a vast spectrum of sports, tournaments, and events. Not only do they have excellent sports betting options, but their racing markets are also top-notch.

Let’s see how Winnersbet and Unibet stack up against each other when pitted head-to-head in each of the most crucial categories that make up an online betting service.

Winnersbet vs Unibet Comparison

For the sake of consistency and to ensure that the final results of our Battle of the Bookies series are as accurate as possible, we will continue to evaluate each bookmaker using the same set of criteria.

In order to make these comparisons, we have laid out the 12 rounds that will be played by each of our bookies:

Odds Value: The greater the value, the better. This holds true for all of our financial dealings, whether online or off, so why should our betting with Australian bookies be any different? In this area, the victor will be the service that offers the greatest potential return for our investment.

Available Markets: Here, we compare the sites based on the range of sports on which bets may be placed and the variety of betting markets offered by each. The winner receives this point for having more sports and more markets.

Betting Features: Here, we take a look at the many betting options that may be used to spice up your typical betting session. When evaluating online bookmakers, we focus on the unique race and sports betting options they provide.

Betting App: One of Australia's greatest activities is betting on the go, but you can no longer get by with simply a mobile browser. We want specialised mobile apps that provide the same comprehensive set of betting options seen in the full PC versions of each betting site.

VIP Program: Bettors who put in the most time or money at a certain betting site deserve special treatment. In addition to the deals that are accessible to all customers who have registered, you should earn even better benefits the more you spend.

Safety & Security: The safety of our personal information and financial transactions with these bookmakers over the Internet is paramount. Each betting site will remain victorious as long as they protect this information using encryption.

Payment Methods: When it comes to online payment options, "the more the merrier" certainly applies, especially if the methods in question are quick, cost-free, and safe.

Live Betting & Live Streaming: Customers who prefer live betting should have access to in-play markets at all times. Many bettors feel strongly that live-streaming services should always be available for horse races. The bookmaker often gets brownie points for including both of these options.

Customer Support: The betting sites you use should always provide you with prompt, informative, and courteous support when you have questions or concerns. Here, we'll let you know about the customer service reps who were unhelpful, unresponsive, or otherwise not up to snuff.

Promotions: If you're primarily concerned with finding the best variety of promos, we cannot offer the specifics of the deals we uncover on each site, but we will keep you apprised of which bookmaker is providing the best selection so you can direct your attention there.

Licensing and Regulation: The bookie's legitimacy and legality are guaranteed by the bookie's compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. If any of the gambling sites we come across are not properly licenced, they will not be listed here, much less be eligible for points in this head-to-head.

Responsible Gambling Practices: We make sure that all of the sites we include have thorough Responsible Gambling Policies, warn of the risks involved, and provide you with ways to reduce your losses, such as deposit restrictions. Whichever website puts its users' needs above its own will win this round.

Our Verdict: Winnersbet vs Unibet

As part of this Battle of the Bookies series at NewBettingSites, we have determined which bookmaker is the best in each of the key categories after contrasting Winnersbet vs Unibet in all of the aforementioned factors.

Our findings are as follows:

  • Best Betting Odds: Draw.
  • Available Markets: Unibet.
  • Best Features: Unibet.
  • Mobile App: Draw.
  • VIP Program: Draw.
  • Safety and Security: Draw.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Options: Unibet.
  • Live Betting and Live Streaming: Unibet.
  • Customer Service: Winnersbet.
  • Safer Gambling: Draw.
  • Licensing and regulation: Draw.
  • Best offers: Unibet.

Although Winnersbet did manage to secure a vital point from the Customer Service category, this head-to-head has been somewhat dominated by Unibet, except for in each of the 6 categories that ended in a tie.

With the final score being 5-1, we have no problem declaring Unibet as the better betting service between these two bookies, however, with there being draws in half of the categories, Winnersbet certainly shouldn’t be completely ignored.

Give both of these bookies a try today and see which one you think is the best in your personal opinion.

Winnersbet Pros & Cons

Great racing features.

Decent range of sports.

24/7 live chat feature.

Enjoyable betting experience.

No app.

Limited payment options.

Very few sports betting markets.

No Esports markets.

Unibet Pros & Cons

A staggering number of sports and markets.

Live stream for racing and sports.

Esports markets.

Mobile application.

Limited payment methods.

Limited racing features.

Comparing Winnersbet vs Unibet Betting Odds

If your primary concern is getting the best odds on your favourite markets, there’s a good chance you’ll be equally as happy with either of these two bookies.

The odds that are available are competitive with each other as well as the rest of the Australian betting market, so there’s no fear of missing out on potentially higher returns.

This means that this first round of the day will be noted as a tie between Winnersbet and Unibet.

What Markets Are Available at Winnersbet vs Unibet

To begin, these two bookmakers couldn't be more different with regard to the sports they provide. Unibet has obviously done all it can to accommodate to as many different sorts of bettors as possible, whereas Winnersbet is clearly more racing-orientated, not providing many additional sports to gamble on.

Winnersbet only offers 14 different sports to bet on, whereas Unibet offers 34. To give you an idea of scale, the typical number of sports we watch is in the teens.

Unibet's individual betting markets remain impressive, with a wide variety of options available, especially for the most popular sports including football, basketball, tennis and the like. Next to each sport, you can see exactly how many potential bets there are to be placed.

Winnersbet, again, fails to impress, with around 40 markets available for Premier League soccer matches. This is far from the worst on the market but we’d like to see more.

In this round, Unibet will get the first point in the head-to-head competition.

Which Sportsbook Offers the Best Features?

Unibet has a useful “Features” page, which makes this section very easy to explain to you. There are numerous available that cover racing and sports, including “Tips, Review & Live Yard”, “The Vault”, Same Game Multis, Live Streaming and Bet Share.

Winnersbet doesn’t have much going for it in this regard, with some very basic racing features to help you make your decisions and not much else available for sports.

With all of this taken into consideration, we’re confident in awarding this round’s point to Unibet.

Does Winnersbet vs Unibet Have the Mobile Betting App?

Placing bets, making payments and contacting customer support via your smartphone or tablet is very much possible at both of these two betting sites owing to the feature-rich mobile applications that they provide.

As long as you’ve got a compatible device, you can enjoy either of these two betting services from wherever you like provided you have battery and an internet connection.

This category will be listed as a tie.

Winnersbet vs Unibet VIP Program Comparison

Loyalty programs are used to reward customers based on how much money they spend within a certain period of time. They usually have tiers based on how much customers spend, and the higher tier you reach, the greater the rewards.

There is no mention of a VIP program at either of these two betting sites, meaning you will not be rewarded any more than the last guy no matter how much you choose to spend.

For this reason, no points will be awarded to Winnersbet or Unibet in this particular round.

Winnersbet vs Unibet Safety and Security

Winnerbet and Unibet both look after your personal data using modern encryption technologies. In fact, the encryption methods used are the very same ones employed by top global financial institutions.

What this means for you is that all of the data you submit to each site when you’re creating your account and making payments is turned into random gibberish that cannot be deciphered by anybody that manages to get hold of it.

With both of these bookies looking after their client’s data, no points will be awarded to either party in this section either.

Comparing Deposit and Withdrawal Options

When comparing the deposit and withdrawal options available at both Winnersbet and Unibet, we have a clear winner.

At Winnersbet, customers can choose between just Visa, MasterCard and POLi, however, if you choose Unibet instead, your options will be Visa, MasterCard, POLi, PayPal, Apple Pay and Neteller.

This, of course, means the point in this round will be given to Unibet for its great selection of secure payment methods.

Live Betting and Streaming Options: Winnersbet vs Unibet

As far as a live betting experience goes, it can’t get much worse than what’s on offer at Winnersbet and that is because it is non-existent. There are no in-play markets and there is no live-streaming service that shows racing or sports,

At Unibet, however, you can watch and bet on more than 400 events every week thanks to the integrated live-streaming feature that can be found on their site after signing in.

After picking up yet another point in this round, it’s looking like Unibet is going to run away with this victory after having fended off Winnersbet in every round so far.

Comparing Winnersbet vs Unibet Customer Service

However, Winnersbet is not going down without a fight, especially with the help of their stellar customer support team. There is a wide variety of ways to get in touch with the site and any queries we've had have been answered promptly and thoroughly.

Although Unibet's customer service is just as good as Winnersbet's and they provide the same channels of communication, we found that their replies lacked the personal touch that we experienced with Winnersbet.

Now that Winnersbet has scored their first point of the day, the score is Unibet 4, Winnersbet 1.

Where Do Winnersbet vs Unibet Stand on Safer Gambling

Safe gambling should be the priority of everybody involved in the betting business, not just customers that are trying to avoid developing an addiction.

When we’re comparing two sites as part of this Battle of the Bookies series, we always have this section dedicated to ensuring the services involved are doing everything they should be to look after the welfare of their customers.

And that’s exactly what both Winnersbet and Unibet are doing through their Responsible Gambling Policies, their tools and resources, and through displaying warnings in prominent positions.

With both sites showing due diligence, we’ll be adding another draw to the results from this criteria.

Where Are Winnersbet vs Unibet Licensed and Regulated?

Winnersbet is licensed by Victoria Racing, which makes sure they are providing a legitimate betting service to their Australian customers.

Unibet is licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Government and their Racing Commission, who ensure there is no foul play going on and everything is running as it should be.

Thanks to their respective licenses, we have yet another draw in this penultimate round of the face-off.

Does Winnersbet vs Unibet Have The Best Offers?

Until you sign up for an account with an online bookmaker in Australia, you won't know what kind of bonuses are available to you. This is necessary under the law and the same legislation prohibits sharing this information with you.

Instead, we tell you which betting site would win our custom if we had to choose based only on this criterion.

In this case, we'd recommend Unibet, so if bonuses are your top priority, be sure to check out their "Promotions" page before making any deposits.

Winnersbet vs Unibet FAQs

Can you have both a Unibet and Winnersbet account?

Australian gamblers may open accounts with any number of different bookmakers. They may sign up with as many different betting sites as they desire.

Which Bookmaker has been around longer?

Winnersbet has only been around since 2020, so Unibet, which arrived on the Australian market in 2012, has been around for much longer.

Do both bookmakers have mobile apps?

Android and iOS applications are available for the Unibet and Winnersbet betting services. Find them on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Which betting site offers the better odds - Unibet or Winnersbet?

Both Winnersbet and Unibet provide odds that are competitive, and neither service provides a significantly better value to its customers than the other.

Do Unibet and Winnersbet allow for live betting?

Winnersbet does not offer any form of live betting, while Unibet offers a live-streaming service that will showcase over 400 events every week.

Who offers the better customer service, Unibet or Winnersbet?

If you’re looking for great customer service, both of these sites have the capability to impress you, however we feel that Winnersbet offer a more personal experience.