Winnersbet Vs Palmerbet - In-Depth Betting Site Comparison

26 Apr 2023
Jake McEvoy 26 Apr 2023
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Winnersbet Vs Palmerbet
This latest edition of our Battle of the Bookies will see two prominent Aussie betting sites go head-to-head across 12 rounds to see which bookie gets the bragging rights as the best bookie (of the two, of course).
WinnersBet is an officially licenced and operated Australian sportsbook that debuted in Melbourne in June 2020. Da He, a ten-year veteran in the industry with stops at some big bookies including the likes of Bet365, handles all wagering for WinnersBet.

The platform is one of Australia's freshest betting sites, created by Victorian bookmaker Da He and launched in Melbourne in June 2020. It was always WinnersBet's intention to provide a modest, competitive, Australian-owned alternative to the giant sportsbooks that have been criticised for limiting winning punters and providing poor customer support.

The Palmer family brand is at the heart of the development of Palmerbet, one of the largest and fastest-growing bookies in Australia.

They are a bookmaker that takes pleasure in offering competitive odds and a wide variety of markets for a wide range of sports. Many review sites place them towards the top of their respective rankings and, as things go, it's quite obvious why this is the case.

It's time to examine which of these bookmakers performs best across 12 different metrics so that we may crown them the victor.

Winnersbet vs Palmerbet Comparison

To keep these battles as fair as they should be and to attain the most accurate results at the end of this Battle of the Bookies series, we stick to comparing each bookie in the very same criteria.

Here are the 12 rounds lined up for each of our bookies as part of these comparisons:

Odds Value: The more we get for our money, the better. This applies to everything we do on and offline, so why should it be any different when we’re gambling our hard-earned cash with Australian bookmakers? Whichever service gives us the highest potential returns will be the winner in this category.

Available Markets: In this section, we look at the number of sports that are available for wagering at each site, as well as the selection of betting markets that are available within each. More sports and more markets equal more points for the victor.

Betting Features: In this section, we look at the betting features that are available to add some level of flare to the betting experience. We look at the special betting features that are available for both racing and sports on each betting site that we compare.

Betting App: Betting on the move is one of Australia’s favourite pastimes but using a mobile browser just isn’t going to cut it anymore. We want dedicated mobile applications which provide the full range of betting features that are available on the full desktop versions of each betting site.

VIP Program: Loyalty should always be rewarded, particularly with punters who spend the most time and money with specific betting sites. The more you spend, the more exclusive rewards you should receive in addition to the offers that are available to all registered customers.

Safety & Security: Our online security is essential, especially when we’re sending these bookies sensitive data that includes a lot of personal payment as well as payment details. As long as each betting site is encrypting this data, they won’t lose out in this round.

Payment Methods: There are a huge number of methods that can be used to make payments online these days and this section is very much a case of “the more the merrier” - as long as those payments are also fast, free and secure.

Live Betting & Live Streaming: In-play markets should always be available for customers that prefer the live betting experience. A live-streaming service should always be present for racing, too, as far as most punters are concerned. Offering both of these features will usually earn the bookie a point here.

Customer Support: Swift, instructive and attentive customer service should always be given by the betting sites that you’re choosing to spend your money with. If we encounter customer service representatives that are slow to respond and don’t really know what they’re doing, we’ll be sure to let you know in this section.

Promotions: We won’t be detailing the promotions that we find on each site but we will certainly be updating you on which bookie is offering the most generous selection of offers so that you know which site to head to if this is what matters to you the most.

Licensing and Regulation: Licensing and regulation ensure that the bookie is operating legally and legitimately. If any of the betting sites we encounter do not have licenses, they will not be appearing on this site at all - let alone earning points in our battles.

Responsible Gambling Practices: We check that the sites we’re comparing are diligent in their responsible gambling practices by providing links to their Responsible Gambling Policies, advertising the dangers of gambling and providing tools like deposit limits to protect you. Whichever site cares more about the welfare of its customers will earn the point in this category.

Our Verdict: Winnersbet vs Palmerbet

After comparing Winnersbet and Palmerbet in all of the variables listed above, we’ve come to our final conclusions for which bookie is best in each of the most important categories.

Here are the results:

  • Best Betting Odds: Draw.
  • Available Markets: Palmerbet.
  • Best Features: Palmerbet.
  • Mobile App: Draw.
  • VIP Program: Draw.
  • Safety and Security: Draw.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Options: Palmerbet.
  • Live Betting and Live Streaming: Palmerbet.
  • Customer Service: Draw.
  • Safer Gambling: Draw.
  • Licensing and regulation: Draw.
  • Best offers: Palmerbet.

We are of course quite disappointed that Winnersbet failed to score a single point here, however it’s not the biggest surprise given the quality they were facing in Palmerbet.

Something that does not to be pointed out here, to the credit of Winnersbet, is the number of draws they’ve managed in some very crucial categories.

Taking this into account, it could still be very much worth your time creating an account with both betting sites and seeing which one best suits your personal preferences.

Winnersbet Pros & Cons

Great racing features.

Decent range of sports.

24/7 live chat feature.

Enjoyable betting experience.

No app.

Limited payment options.

Very few sports betting markets.

No Esports markets.

Palmerbet Pros & Cons

Great range of sports.

Several decent racing features.

Esports markets.

Dedicated application.

No racing tips.

Dated design.

No live chat feature.

Comparing Winnersbet vs Palmerbet Betting Odds

When comparing the odds on sports and the prices we’re getting for racing at each of these two sites, there wasn’t anybody that stood out to us as providing the best value.

While they do differ very slightly in the exact prices they’re offering, the overall value remains the same as it comes down to which markets you decide to place wagers on. Backing a particular horse on Winnersbet might give you better value, but another horse at Palmerbet could be better value as well.

Taking all of this into account, we’ve decided to label this first round as a tie, as we often do due to the competitive nature of the Australian online betting industry.

What Markets Are Available at Winnersbet vs Palmerbet

Starting with the sports that can be found on each site, we have two very contrasting bookies in this respect. Winnersbet is much more racing-orientated, not offering many alternative sports to wager on, while Palmerbet has clearly done what it can to cater to as many kinds of punters as possible.

There are only 14 different sports to wager on at Winnersbet, while there are 27 to choose between at Palmerbet. For context, the average number of sports we’re used to seeing is in the low 20s.

Palmerbet continues to impress with the individual betting markets on offer as well, with plenty to choose from, particularly in the more popular sports like soccer, basketball and footy. Winnersbet isn’t quite as impressive, although they’re far from the worst site in this regard.

This round will see the first point of the head-to-head dished out and it’ll be dished in the direction of Palmerbet.

Which Sportsbook Offers the Best Features?

The odds that are offered by a bookie will determine the value we get from placing our bets but not necessarily the value we get from a betting site as a whole. Betting features can really go a long way in improving the value of the service we’re getting.

In terms of racing features, there’s not much to talk about beyond standard race information at Winnersbet, while at Palmerbet you get all kinds of assistance including AI Ratings, Early Speeds and Speed Maps.

For sports, there’s not much to mention from either site, except maybe the Same Game Multis at Palmerbet, however, it seems Palmerbet has already won this section with their racing features anyway.

Does Winnersbet vs Palmerbet Have the Mobile Betting App?

Whether you prefer Android, Google or Apple, you have access to betting apps from both of these bookies, which can be quickly downloaded and installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Regardless of which operating system your device uses, you can be betting on the go and making use of any of the betting features that are offered by either service no matter where you are.

This round will be noted as a tie, with both bookies offering apps but neither bookie offering any exceptional elements alongside the applications.

Winnersbet vs Palmerbet VIP Program Comparison

Neither Winnersbet nor Palmerbet offers any kind of loyalty program that will reward you with exclusive bonuses for spending more time and money on either of their sites.

This makes calling this round a tie very easy, although we do hope we get to edit this section at some point in the future following the addition of a VIP program to one of these bookies.

Winnersbet vs Palmerbet Safety and Security

You can be guaranteed that your personal information will be protected with the greatest care regardless of whatever site you finally opt to use since both Winnersbet and Palmerbet use equally sophisticated encryption technologies.

Due to the fact that both of these bookies are trustworthy and place a priority on their clients' safety, there will be no points awarded.

Comparing Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Unfortunately, if you’re a fan of using various modern payment systems when making deposits and withdrawals from an online bookmaker, you won’t be too happy with the options you have available to you for transactions at Winnersbet.

Your options here are just Visa, MasterCard and POLi.

Palmerbet, on the other hand, offers a decent selection of payment methods, including a mix of traditional and modern alternatives.

Your options here are Visa, MasterCard, BPay, PayPal, PayID, POLi and EFT Bank Transfers.

Palmerbet look to be running away with the victory thanks to another point from this round as part of our Battle of the Bookies comparisons.

Live Betting and Streaming Options: Winnersbet vs Palmerbet

Winnersbet is still a very young online betting site, so we’re not too mad about them not offering any kind of live betting yet. The site lacks both in-play markets and a live-streaming service as things stand.

Palmerbet does not yet offer any in-play markets for sports, either, however, they have now implemented live-streaming integration with a link to feeds from

While this round may have been closer than some of the previous ones, it’s still yet another point heading in the direction of Palmerbet.

Comparing Winnersbet vs Palmerbet Customer Service

It’s rare that we ever have anything bad to say about our customer service experiences from Aussie bookmakers - they’re some of the friendliest representatives on this planet. The one issue we do sometimes get, even when the service is good, though, is when the responses don’t feel very personalised.

Fortunately, we didn’t get this impression from either Winnersbet or Palmerbet - and with both services offering a great variety of contact methods, we’ll be listing this section of the comparison as a draw.

Where Do Winnersbet vs Palmerbet Stand on Safer Gambling

Both Winnersbet and Palmerbet have proven very diligent in the safe gambling topic, providing all of the resources necessary to keep their punters as safe as possible from the issues tied to compulsive gambling.

With each platform providing tools like deposit limits and self-exclusion in addition to making customers aware of the dangers through advertising and their Responsible Gambling Policies, we have no problem declaring this round of the head-to-head a draw.

Where Are Winnersbet vs Palmerbet Licensed and Regulated?

Those in charge of operations at Winnersbet have a license to operate from Victorian Racing and Palmerbet has a license from Racing New South Wales and the Office of Liquor and Gaming.

These are all very respected, legal Authorities in Australia, so you can enjoy your time betting at either bookmaker knowing you’re not being scammed and that you will be paid out if and when required.

Does Winnersbet vs Palmerbet Have The Best Offers?

In Australia, you are unable to see which promotions are available on a betting site until you have created an account with them. This is required by law and it is the same law that prevents us from disclosing such information with you as well.

So, what we do instead, is simply let you know which betting site we would sign up with if we were basing our decision on this category alone.

And our decision here would be Palmerbet, so, if promotions are what matter to you the most, sign up with them first and have a look at their “Promotions” page to see what is available to you.

Winnersbet vs Palmerbet FAQs

Can you have both a Palmerbet and Winnersbet account?

Australian punters are not limited to creating accounts with just one or a few betting services. They’re allowed to register with as many betting sites as they like.

Which Bookmaker has been around longer?

Palmerbet is just a little bit older than Winnersbet, having been introduced to the Australian betting market in 2013. Winnersbet has only been around since mid-2020.

Do both bookmakers have mobile apps?

Palmerbet and Winnersbet both offer comprehensive mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.

Which betting site offers the better odds - Palmerbet or Winnersbet?

Competitive odds are available from both Winnersbet and Palmerbet, with no greater value being offered by either service.

Do Palmerbet and Winnersbet allow for live betting?

Neither of these two betting sites offer in-play betting markets for sports at this present time.

Who offers the better customer service, Palmerbet or Winnersbet?

We tied Palmerbet and Winnersbet in the customer service category due to the great customer care provided by both bookies.