Neds Vs TopSport - In-Depth Betting Site Comparison

24 Apr 2023
Jake McEvoy 24 Apr 2023
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Neds Vs TopSport
Neds has faced some formidable foes so far in this Battle of the Bookies series and next up is TopSport, who could prove to be a difficult opponent in some fundamental categories.
Neds is the fresh-faced kid on the block who's already making waves in the world of racing and sports. With Multi-builder, they're making it easier than ever to mix and match your bets like a pro. With Dean Shannon at the helm, Neds is in good hands - like a winning horse at the races.

TopSport may have been around for a while, but it's always been somewhat of an underdog of the Aussie betting world. In recent months, this seems to have changed a little, though, with the platform certainly moving in the right direction.

Can TopSport outbox Neds in this round of Bookie Battle or will it be a knockout for the latter? Keep your eyes glued to the screen as the answer to the burning question is revealed in the paragraphs below.

Neds vs TopSport Comparison

With the goal of comparing Neds and TopSport as fairly, accurately and comprehensively as possible, we use a constant set of criteria that covers all of the most crucial aspects that make up the modern Aussie betting site.

Below, we’ve detailed all of the sections we compare in each of our comparisons as part of the Battle of the Bookies series here at NewBettingSites:

Odds Value: Value is key when deciding which bookie comes out on top, as, ultimately, the more we get for our money, the more time we can spend betting on sports and racing. Whichever site offers us the greatest value through its pricing will win in this category.

Available Markets: The site which offers the highest number of sports and sports betting markets alongside markets for all three racing codes will earn the point in this category, since more markets will always mean more fun.

Betting Features: Speaking of fun, we also look for the site that offers the most enticing betting features. Betting features come in all shapes and sizes and can always enhance the overall betting experience, helping deposits go much further and improving our chances of winning some bets.

Betting App: Betting applications can be used to access betting platforms from more convenient locations at more convenient times. Bookies that offer their full service through an app stand a good chance of earning the point in this section.

VIP Program: Given the amount of money that is spent by many gamblers, they deserve to be rewarded in some way that isn’t covered by the regular site promotions that are accessible to everyone. Bookmakers that offer loyalty rewards will be rewarded by us in this comparison article.

Safety & Security: You don't need us to tell you why safety and security are crucial; nevertheless, we can assist by outlining the security measures used on each platform and letting you know which one is more effective at safeguarding your personal data and payment information.

Payment Methods: Whichever payment method - of the many available - you prefer to use when making deposits and withdrawals from your betting account should be available to you on the betting sites you choose to register with. Whichever betting platform offers the greatest selection of secure payment methods will come out on top in this category.

Live Betting & Live Streaming: Many betting sites offer in-play betting markets for all of the most popular sports, however, there are many that still don’t. The same applies to live-streaming integration, which allows customers to witness the action they’re wagering on. We compare bookies in this category to see which one offers the best live betting experience.

Customer Support: Whichever service offers us the fastest, friendliest and most informative customer service, alongside multiple ways to get in touch, will win in the Customer Support section of each head-to-head.

Promotions: You won’t find us detailing the promotions that are available on each site, as this is prohibited by law in Australia, but you’ll certainly know which betting site we prefer after looking at the Promotions pages on each site.

Licensing and Regulation: Licensing and regulation provide credibility to Australian betting platforms and give customers peace of mind of knowing the site will payout in the event of them winning some money. Every betting site we list will be licensed appropriately.

Responsible Gambling Practices: At most online betting sites in Australia, you’ll be able to find links to the company’s Responsible Gambling Policy somewhere on each page - usually at the bottom. These policies detail the issues related to problem gambling and, in most cases, provide self-help tools for customers to use to avoid addiction.

Our Verdict: Neds vs TopSport

Before we get on to comparing each site, we’ve got the results of each category and our final verdict, so that you can get the information you need and head off to your new online gambling destination.

Here is who came out on top in each of the criteria we measure as part of our Battle of the Bookies series:

  • Best Betting Odds: Neds.
  • Available Markets: Neds.
  • Best Features: Neds.
  • Mobile App: Draw.
  • VIP Program: TopSport.
  • Safety and Security: Draw.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Options: Neds.
  • Live Betting and Live Streaming: Neds.
  • Customer Service: TopSport.
  • Safer Gambling: Draw.
  • Licensing and regulation: Draw.
  • Best offers: Neds.

In this edition of the Battle of the Bookies, we’ve seen fewer ties than we’ve become used to seeing, with six points going to Neds, two points going to TopSport and four draws overall.

As a result, the winner of this face-off between Neds and TopSport is of course Neds, but with TopSport securing ties and wins in some key areas, they’re still certainly worth a gander.

Neds Pros & Cons

Great racing betting features.

Extensive range of sports.

Competitive odds.

Live streaming service.

Esports markets.

Limited live streaming options.

TopSport Pros & Cons

Aesthetically pleasing design.

Simple betting process.

Horse, harness and dog racing markets.

Extensive range of sports.

Could offer more sports markets.

Limited racing features.

No live streaming.

Limited payment methods.

Comparing Neds vs TopSport Betting Odds

When comparing the odds between Neds and TopSport, we found them to be very similar, however it seemed that Neds did slightly edge the better odds in most races we looked at.

This isn’t to say that the prices being offered at TopSport were bad, though - in fact, more often than not, the odds were identical.

However, we do have to award this point to Neds, putting them 1-0 up on the scoreboard in this head-to-head.

What Markets Are Available at Neds vs TopSport

Before we talk about the sports betting markets that can be actually wagered on, we’ll compare the number of sports that can be bet on at each of these two betting sites.

At Neds, punters can choose between 25 different sports, while at TopSport, there is exactly the same amount. It’s not often we see a tie in the number of sports on offer.

This means this section will come down to nothing but the number of markets that are available for popular sports. We’ll use soccer as the determining factor, as there is so much potential when it comes to markets that can be offered.

With Neds offering 156 for the next Premier League match and TopSport offering just short of 30, this is an easy second point in the bag for Neds.

Which Sportsbook Offers the Best Features?

While TopSport does offer a great selection of racing features, it doesn’t outshine Neds, who offer the very same features. These include tips, forms, flucs, guides and more, allowing you to make more accurate predictions, especially if you’re a more experienced punter.

Then, when it comes to sports betting features, there isn’t much to be said about TopSport, while Neds provides a selection of great tools for punters to use when building their bet slips to give them a greater chance of winning.

As a result, Neds come out on top in this round and look to be running away with the win.

Does Neds vs TopSport Have the Mobile Betting App?

Neds offer a mobile application that can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices, which provides the entire Neds betting experience allowing customers to bet on racing and sports, make payments, contact customer service and more.

The TopSport app can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and be used to access the full TopSport betting platform from wherever you have your smartphone or tablet.

As a result, this round will be labelled as the first tie in this head-to-head comparison between Neds and TopSport Australia.

Neds vs TopSport VIP Program Comparison

At this current time, Neds does not offer any form of loyalty program that can see more valued customers being rewarded for spending their time and money with a platform.

TopSport, on the other hand, does reward its loyal customers. They don’t seem to provide much detail on how rewards are obtained, but they do have a system in place where customers are given points for betting, which can then be redeemed for bonus cash.

With TopSport offering a VIP program and Neds offering nothing of the sort, TopSport will now be awarded their first point of the day.

Neds vs TopSport Safety and Security

Security and safety are of the utmost importance when entering personal data into any kind of betting site. When we register with Neds or TopSport, we enter a lot of personal information, including payment details.

Both Neds and TopSport use cutting-edge encryption technology to protect consumer information, making it unintelligible to other parties even if they get access to it.

For this reason, we’re going to list this category as the second tie of the day, meaning TopSport will have to pick up more points soon in order to gain ground on Neds in this face-off.

Comparing Deposit and Withdrawal Options

As things stand, customers of TopSport are able to choose between six different payment options when making deposits and requesting withdrawals on the site. The six options that are available are Visa, MasterCard, POLi, Paysafe, EFT and BPay.

In comparison, Neds offer seven methods - just one more than their opponent. The options available here are Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, POLi, BPay, PayID and EFT.

Even though there is just one option separating the two bookies, we have to award this round to Neds.

Live Betting and Streaming Options: Neds vs TopSport

By navigating to the “Live - In-Play” tab in the main menu at Neds, you’ll find a number of in-play betting markets to choose from, each available in the most popular sports on the site. Additionally, Neds offer a live-streaming service where registered clients can watch horse, harness and Greyhound racing.

While TopSport does offer in-play markets for all of the most popular sports, they do not offer a live-streaming feature for their customers to enjoy. This means that you’ll need a third-party application if you want to watch the events you’re wagering on.

Thanks to their integrated live-streaming feature, Neds take the point from this round of the comparison.

Comparing Neds vs TopSport Customer Service

To be as clear as we can hear, both of these sites offer fantastic customer service, so don’t assume that the losing platform will give you a hard time when you need their assistance.

That being said, we do have a favourite betting site here and that is TopSport, where you’ll find a 24/7 live chat feature alongside the options to email, call and message them on various social media platforms.

Neds do also offer these contact methods, but we had a much more pleasant experience conversing with the customer service representatives at TopSport. Responses were swift and informative, so we were never out of action for long.

Where Do Neds vs TopSport Stand on Safer Gambling

The respective Responsible Gambling Policies of these two bookies can be found via links at the bottom of their respective home pages.

Both of these policies are comprehensive, explaining to their customers that they should always gamble responsibly as well as detailing the addictive nature of the pastime.

Both sites also offer self-help tools including deposit limits and self-exclusion, which can protect customers from inflicting too much damage on themselves.

With both sites seeming to care about their customers, we’ll call this section of the head-to-head a tie.

Where Are Neds vs TopSport Licensed and Regulated?

Neds and TopSport are both licensed and regulated but by different Australian authorities.

Neds has a license from the Northern Territory Racing Commission and TopSport has a license provided by Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission. Additionally, TopSport is regulated by Liquor & Gaming NSW.

Both of these betting platforms are legitimate and are legally operating across Australia, so this round will be declared a tie.

Does Neds vs TopSport Have The Best Offers?

If you find yourself choosing betting sites based solely on the promotions that they have on offer, then this is the section that could well determine which betting site you choose to register with next.

Both of these sites provide excellent ongoing promotions for their customers, however we have no issue in declaring Neds the winner in this category, as there are more to choose from and the offers in general just seem that extra bit exciting.

We can’t detail what these promotions are, of course, as you’ll need to create an account before you can discover this information, but, of the two betting sites, it’s Neds that we prefer in this category.

Neds vs TopSport FAQs

Can you have both a TopSport and Neds account?

If you want to sign up with both of these sites, that’s absolutely fine, as it is not prohibited by the bookmakers or the law.

Which Bookmaker has been around longer?

TopSport has been around since 1990, servicing online punters since the early 2000s. Neds, on the other hand, was only established in 2017, although the experience behind its owner should certainly be accounted for.

Do both bookmakers have mobile apps?

Mobile applications are available for both of these bookmakers and can be found in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Which betting site offers the better odds - TopSport or Neds?

It's tough to say that one site has higher odds than another when it comes to the betting markets that are offered on each. This is due to the intense level of competition that exists in the Australian gaming market.

Do TopSport and Neds allow for live betting?

TopSport and Neds both have in-play markets available for a selection of popular sports.

Who offers the better customer service, TopSport or Neds?

We did give our preference to the customer service experience we received from TopSport, although the Neds customer service does also have a great reputation.