Neds Vs Bluebet - In-Depth Betting Site Comparison

25 Apr 2023
Jake McEvoy 25 Apr 2023
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Neds Vs Bluebet
The last time Bluebet featured in a Battle of the Bookies, it failed to score a single point against Ladbrokes Australia. Will Neds be another site that proves too big for them, or is it time for Bluebet’s redemption arc? It’s time to find out.
Launched in November 2017 during the Melbourne Spring Carnival, Neds was the brainchild of former Ladbrokes Australia CEO Dean Shannon and gave gamblers a new betting option in the lead-up to the Melbourne Cup.

The bookmaker Neds was able to prove its worth in one of the most competitive markets in Australia thanks to its fulfilling sports betting experience and little help from substantial expenditure in advertising and marketing.

Former Centrebet and William Hill Australia CEO Michael Sullivan launched BlueBet, making it wholly Australian-owned and operated.

Since its inception in 2015, the firm has made it its duty to cater to gamblers of all stripes by offering a wide variety of bets, features, rewards, and more.

The question is, though - how do these two great betting sites - Neds and Bluebet - stack up against each other in a battle to be the best? We’ve got the answers.

Neds vs Bluebet Comparison

To answer our question and find out which service out of Neds and Bluebet is the best, we’ve compared them in all of the most important criteria - the very same criteria we use in each and every instalment of this Battle of the Bookies series here at NewBettingSites.

Which exact factors do we use? Good question. All of the most essential components that a modern Australian betting site must offer. Here's the full list of criteria:

Odds Value: As with any product or service we spend our hard-earned cash on, we want to be sure we’re getting the best value for our money. Whichever of our two betting sites offers the best value through its odds will be crowned king in this crucial category.

Available Markets: In this section, we look at the number of sports that are available at each betting site, followed by the number of individual betting markets that are available to wager on. Usually, we use a popular sport like soccer as an example.

Betting Features: There are innumerable kinds of betting features out there that bookies can include on their site in order to improve the betting experience and even increase the value of our bets beyond what the odds offer us. The best betting sites employ a diverse range of unique betting features for their racing and sports sections.

Betting App: Betting apps allow us to enjoy a site’s offerings from more convenient and comfortable locations. As long as each betting site offers a feature-rich mobile app that can be accessed by a range of devices, they’re unlikely to lose out in this section.

VIP Program: All kinds of businesses offer a form of rewards program for their customers these days and online betting sites are no exception. VIP programs aren’t as common as we’d like them to be in Australia, but we always check to see if one is available before reporting back.

Safety & Security: When you register with a betting site in Australia, you enter quite a few personal details. This is essential in order to verify who you are. This means that site security is also essential and we will always check to make sure each site we’re comparing is looking after your data.

Payment Methods: The birth of the internet also gave birth to a plethora of new ways to pay for goods and services. PayPal was one of the first and most popular, but there are now many other systems that have followed in its path. The site with the greatest selection of secure payment methods will earn the point from this section.

Live Betting & Live Streaming: Live betting takes the thrill of gambling to the next level. Thanks to modern technology, many sites are able to offer in-play markets on a number of sports so that punters can get involved from start to finish. The best betting sites offer live betting markets alongside a live-streaming feature.

Customer Support: When we encounter a problem, we like to know that it can be resolved efficiently. In order to achieve this, a customer service team must be easily accessible, knowledgeable and fast to respond. They will also get theoretical bonus points for being friendly.

Promotions: While we are no longer permitted to show you exactly which promotions are being offered by a bookmaker, we can certainly let you know which bookie we’d rather join if we were basing our decision on this factor alone. Whichever site offers the greatest range of relevant promotions will win this category.

Licensing and Regulation: Licensing and regulation are essential for any betting site that plans to be around for a long time. When we discover a new bookie, we immediately check to make sure they’re licensed to operate by Australian authorities and that they have regulations in place to guarantee payouts to winners.

Responsible Gambling Practices: Gambling can be an addictive hobby and the betting sites that are providing such a service must ensure all new customers are aware of that. We prefer the betting site that makes the issues associated with gambling known and provides tools to help customers keep themselves protected.

Our Verdict: Neds vs Bluebet

Taking into consideration all of the criteria listed above, we’ve compared Neds and Bluebet and decided which site impressed us more in each of the categories.

Before we get onto the smaller details, here is the final verdict that we came to in this head-to-head between these two prominent Australian bookmakers:

  • Best Betting Odds: Draw.
  • Available Markets: Neds.
  • Best Features: Draw.
  • Mobile App: Draw.
  • VIP Program: Draw.
  • Safety and Security: Draw.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Options: Neds.
  • Live Betting and Live Streaming: Neds.
  • Customer Service: Draw.
  • Safer Gambling: Draw.
  • Licensing and regulation: Draw.
  • Best offers: Bluebet.

The final scores of Neds 3, Bluebet 1, and 8 draws on the board indicate that Neds is the winner of this head-to-head matchup.

Those eight wins can't be disregarded, however, since they appear in many crucial categories.

Therefore, you may either go to Neds and sign up for an account there as they triumphed in this round, or you can try out both since they are equally deserving.

Neds Pros & Cons

Great racing betting features.

Extensive range of sports.

Competitive odds.

Live streaming service.

Esports markets.

Limited live streaming options.

Bluebet Pros & Cons

Easy navigation.

Good range of sports betting markets.

Mobile app.

Great customer service.

No live streaming.

Lack of Esports.

Comparing Neds vs Bluebet Betting Odds

When comparing the odds value between Neds and Bluebet, it was impossible to give a definitive answer on which site is better than the other.

Neds sometimes has better odds than Bluebet and Bluebet sometimes has better odds than Neds, but, generally, they’re not far off each other at all, with competitive odds across the range of sports available.

Because of this, we’re going to label the result of this first round as a tie.

What Markets Are Available at Neds vs Bluebet

Beginning with the number of sports that are available for wagering on each site, we have 25 to choose from at Neds and 25 to choose from at Bluebet, too, so we have a tie in this respect.

The issues arise when we look a little deeper, though and while Neds does offer a fantastic variety of individual betting markets for most sports, Bluebet does, unfortunately, fall short, with between just 48 and 68 markets for Premier League soccer matches, as an example.

Taking all of this on board, we have to award this round to Neds, even if we were impressed with Bluebet in terms of sports offerings.

Which Sportsbook Offers the Best Features?

At Neds Australia, punters can make the most of some unique betting features, such as Neds Toolbox, which can be used to enhance the betting experience and make better judgements when building bet slips.

Bluebet also provides some great features for both racing and sports, such as Cash Out, BlueBoost, Protest Payout and same-event Multis.

As a result, we’ve got our second draw of the day from this category.

Does Neds vs Bluebet Have the Mobile Betting App?

Both Neds and Bluebet have in-depth mobile applications for sports and horse racing betting, which can be utilised on the move.

These two betting applications are available on both the App Store and Google Play, so you may pick the one that works best with your mobile device's operating system.

Both Neds and Bluebet provide their consumers access to extensive, specialised apps, thus this category will be split evenly.

Neds vs Bluebet VIP Program Comparison

Betting sites with VIP programs are wonderful since they reward loyal consumers for their monetary and time commitments. For high-spending customers, this may be invaluable over time.

Unfortunately, neither Neds nor Bluebet have loyalty programs to report, therefore no points will be given out this time.

Neds vs Bluebet Safety and Security

When you submit sensitive information to a website, it's crucial that you do so safely. An Australian betting site will ask for personal information like your name, address, date of birth, and more when you sign up for an account. After that, your payment information is saved when you make a deposit.

When evaluating betting sites, we make sure they use encryption to keep your personal information secure. This ensures that even if hackers get access to data, they would be unable to decipher it.

Due to the fact that both Neds and Bluebet use current encryption technologies, we feel this comparison is yet another draw.

Comparing Deposit and Withdrawal Options

In terms of the deposit and withdrawal options available, Neds comes out on top owing to the number of secure payment options they provide for punters.

Customers of the Neds sportsbook can choose from seven payment options, including popular choices like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Google Pay. This compares to 5 options at Bluebet which neglect Google Pay and PayID, which are popular with many customers.

By offering a greater selection of payment options, Neds have earned their second point in this comparison to go 2-0 up on the scoreboard.

Live Betting and Streaming Options: Neds vs Bluebet

Neds offers its customers a tempting range of in-play markets for the most popular sports alongside a streaming service which shows all of the racing that is taking place in Australia and New Zealand.

Bluebet is yet to offer any live betting markets, or any form of live-streaming feature, so if you’re a fan of live betting, you won’t be able to do such a thing here.

Neds is a clear winner in this category for providing everything a live betting enthusiast would want to see.

Comparing Neds vs Bluebet Customer Service

Customers of Neds can get hold of a customer service representative at any time of the day or night through the live chat feature. Alternatively, customers can choose to send an email or give them a call instead.

Bluebet customers have all of the same options, however, we’re unsure of the operational hours of the live chat feature.

We’ll give Bluebet the benefit of the doubt and assume their live chat is available around the clock, earning them another tie against Neds in this category.

Where Do Neds vs Bluebet Stand on Safer Gambling

Neds offers a 24/7 live chat service so that customers may get in touch with a person whenever they need to. Customers also have the option of contacting the business by phone or email.

The same options are available to Bluebet clients, albeit we can't be sure of when the live chat service is available.

To give them the benefit of the doubt, let's say Bluebet's live chat is open at all hours of the day and night; this would put them on par with Neds once again.

Where Are Neds vs Bluebet Licensed and Regulated?

The Neds betting service is available thanks to a Northern Territory Racing Commission license, which grants them permission to operate across Australia.

Bluebet is regulated by the very same authority and is also regulated by the South Australian Gambling Codes of Practice for South Australian residents.

For this reason, we have yet another tie in this instalment of the Battle of the Bookies series.

Does Neds vs Bluebet Have The Best Offers?

Although we cannot detail the exact offers that are available on each of these sites, we are able to let you know which site we prefer based on this factor alone.

Due to their consistent release of high-quality promos, Neds has a history of success in this sector. But after perusing Bluebet's "Promotions" page, we were blown away.

We need to be very clear here - both sites have excellent promotions, but owing to their sheer numbers, Bluebet will be earning their first point in this round.

Neds vs Bluebet FAQs

Can you have both a Bluebet and Neds account?

Customers of betting sites in Australia can have accounts with as many bookies as they like. This isn’t prohibited by the bookies or the law.

Which Bookmaker has been around longer?

Bluebet has been around since 2015, which makes it two years older than Neds which was founded in 2017.

Do both bookmakers have mobile apps?

The Neds and Bluebet mobile applications can be downloaded and installed from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store or Android and iOS devices.

Which betting site offers the better odds - Bluebet or Neds?

Bluebet and Neds each offer competitive odds, so this round in our comparison article was listed as a tie.

Do Bluebet and Neds allow for live betting?

Neds offers in-play betting markets for several sports as well as a live-streaming service for racing. Bluebet is yet to implement any live betting features on its site.

Who offers the better customer service, Bluebet or Neds?

Bluebet and Neds each offer great customer service with multiple ways to get in touch with representatives.