MidasBet Vs Picklebet - In-Depth Betting Site Comparison

21 Jun 2023
Jake McEvoy 21 Jun 2023
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MidasBet Vs Picklebet
Relatively speaking, this episode of the Battle of the Bookies will see two fresh-faced bookies in a direct head-to-head to see which one can be crowned champion after 12 rounds of comparisons.

MidasBet, which was only just introduced to the Australian betting market in 2022, has had a decent start so far but has yet to impress as far as additional betting features are concerned.

Picklebet, which had its debut in 2020, has had a couple more years than its rival, but will that show after we’ve compared the two bookmakers in 12 key categories? Let’s find out…

MidasBet vs Picklebet Comparison

We need to set ground rules first and foremost. To prevent any bookie from having an unfair edge, we always apply the same criteria when making these comparisons.

It wouldn't be fair if we choose the strengths of one bookie above those of the other service.

The following are the twelve stages that our contestants must complete in order to accumulate the most points and claim the title of champion:

Odds Value: Most online bookmakers have odds that vary by sport and by event. They are usually quite close to one another, if not the same, although there are always certain bookmakers that appear to have higher odds.

Available Markets: In this area, we will focus mostly on the variety of sports offered by each platform. However, we need to dig a bit further, and the winner of this segment will be the bookmaker that provides us with the most comprehensive betting options across all sports.

Betting Features: Most gambling websites understand that providing additional options for clients to gamble and have fun with wagering can only benefit them and their customers.

Betting App: Making their betting website mobile-friendly is helpful, but it's not as good as having a specialised mobile app that can deal with the additional demand. Betting is significantly more convenient with dedicated applications.

VIP Program: Since so few bookmakers have thought to adopt such a concept, this section has been known to award victory to certain sites as a tiebreaker. Give your devoted consumers something special, and you'll get a point for this section.

Safety & Security: The greatest betting site will provide a safe and secure environment for its customers since this is a standard expectation when signing up.

Payment Methods: Bookmakers may take a wider variety of payments now than ever before, and there's no longer any need to limit themselves to debit and credit cards. POLi, BPay, PayID, PayPal, and others are among the others we check for.

Live Betting & Live Streaming: Bet on sports and races in real time for a more thrilling experience. In-play betting markets and live streaming facilities are huge selling factors for bookmakers, and they will likely steal the spotlight from this paragraph.

Customer Support: Since clients may proceed with placing their bets and the bookmaker will see an increase in business, a strong customer service staff benefits both parties. This segment will be won by the website with the most accessible, friendly and informative customer service staff.

Promotions: It would be against the law for us to reveal the specific discounts that are available at each compared site. The point of this section is to make it very apparent which bookmaker would be our top pick if we had to make a decision based on this factor alone.

Licensing and Regulation: In order to lawfully do business in Australia, bookmakers must first get a licence. Here, we check that they are licensed, and list the agencies that issue and oversee their licences and regulations.

Responsible Gambling Practices: After introducing their clients to a potentially harmful habit, these businesses have a responsibility to care for them. To assist consumers rein in their harmful behaviours, they should provide them with the resources they need.

Our Verdict: MidasBet vs Picklebet

Now that we've introduced the metrics we'll be using to compare our bookmakers and explained why we've chosen them, we can present the findings.

Whoever won each single point in each of the 12 fights is listed below.

  • Best Betting Odds: Draw.
  • Available Markets: Picklebet.
  • Best Features: Picklebet.
  • Mobile App: Draw.
  • VIP Program: MidasBet.
  • Safety and Security: Draw.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Options: Picklebet.
  • Live Betting and Live Streaming: Draw.
  • Customer Service: Draw.
  • Safer Gambling: Draw.
  • Licensing and regulation: Draw.
  • Best offers: Picklebet.

After securing the point in four of the twelve rounds, Picklebet will be crowned the victor in this edition of our Battle of the Bookies between Picklebet and MidasBet.

Although they did only manage to win one round, MidasBet did secure a number of draws and if any of those happened to be in a category that matters to you, it could be worth signing up with either, or both, sites.

MidasBet Pros & Cons

Prominent racing markets.

Popular sports.

Secure payment methods.

Live chat feature.

No live streaming.

No Esports.

No application.

Picklebet Pros & Cons

Great racing features.

Popular sports options.

Esports markets.

Secure payment options.

Dedicated app.

No live streaming.

Comparing MidasBet vs Picklebet Betting Odds

MidasBet and Picklebet both offer great odds on their sports and racing betting markets, with neither platform standing out as being of significantly better value.

What Markets Are Available at MidasBet vs Picklebet

At MidasBet, registered users have access to betting markets in 16 different sports categories.

Including Esports, Picklebet has 28 categories to choose from, but without them, there is just one more sport than what is available at MidasBet.

As far as betting markets are concerned, we prefer the options that are available at Picklebet.

Which Sportsbook Offers the Best Features?

MidasBet does well when it comes to the racing features, which is important to a lot of its customers, but it would be nice to see some more sports betting features as well.

Picklebet is feature-rich, from its social elements to its sports specials, Pick’ems and Daily Promotions.

Does MidasBet vs Picklebet Have the Mobile Betting App?

Whether you choose to join MidasBet, Picklebet or both of these Australian betting sites, you’ll be able to download their respective apps and play on the go.

MidasBet vs Picklebet VIP Program Comparison

MidasBet offers points for playing but not an actual VIP program to reward loyal customers. There is no VIP program to be found at Picklebet, either.

MidasBet vs Picklebet Safety and Security

Both of these betting sites use cutting-edge encryption software to safeguard the data you provide during signup and transactions.

Therefore, even if hackers get access to the data, they will be unable to read it.

Comparing Deposit and Withdrawal Options

When you need to make a deposit or a withdrawal at MidasBet, your payment options for doing so are Visa, MasterCard and POLi.

At Picklebet, you have a much wider selection of payment methods to choose from, including PayID, Google Pay and Apple Pay in addition to Visa and MasterCard.

Live Betting and Streaming Options: MidasBet vs Picklebet

There are no live betting features, such as in-play betting markets or live streaming, available at MidasBet at this time for customers to be able to enjoy any kind of live betting experience.

At Picklebet, the situation is the same, however, if you’re betting on Esports, you could always use Twitch or Kick to monitor the action.

Comparing MidasBet vs Picklebet Customer Service

Live Chat features are available at both Picklebet and MidasBet and the customer service teams behind them are generally quick to respond and able to get you back on your feet quickly.

Where Do MidasBet vs Picklebet Stand on Safer Gambling

Due diligence is key for Australian betting sites like MidasBet and Picklebet. If they’re not looking after their customers, they won’t be able to hold onto their licenses for very long.

Both of these sites offer a Responsible Gambling Policy where you can learn everything you need to know about problem gambling. They also offer tools like deposit limits and self-exclusion for those that need them.

Where Are MidasBet vs Picklebet Licensed and Regulated?

GWIC has issued MidasBet a licence to operate in New South Wales, and the state's Liquor and Gaming Authority oversees the company.

The Northern Territory Racing Commission, which is part of the Northern Territory Government of Australia, issues licences for and oversees Picklebet.

Does MidasBet vs Picklebet Have The Best Offers?

In general, it’s Picklebet that seems to offer more promotions between these two bookies, however, both are certainly worth signing up for.

MidasBet vs Picklebet FAQs

Can you have both a Picklebet and MidasBet account?

Customers can open an account with both Picklebet and MidasBet as well as as many other betting sites as they wish.

Which Bookmaker has been around longer?

Picklebet was created in 2020 and MidasBet was created in 2022, so while both sites are still very young, it’s Picklebet that has been around for longer.

Do both bookmakers have mobile apps?

MidasBet and Picklebet both offer mobile applications.

Which betting site offers the better odds - Picklebet or MidasBet?

The odds found at MidasBet and Picklebet don’t have much between them. They are both very competitive Australian betting sites.

Do Picklebet and MidasBet allow for live betting?

Live betting isn’t available at Picklebet or MidasBet.

Who offers the better customer service, Picklebet or MidasBet?

Picklebet and MidasBet both offer fantastic customer services and will always make sure you get help as efficiently as possible.