MidasBet Vs Boombet - In-Depth Betting Site Comparison

21 Jun 2023
Jake McEvoy 21 Jun 2023
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MidasBet Vs Boombet
It’s time for Boombet and MidasBet to show us what they’re capable of as they come up against each other in this latest edition of the Battle of the Bookies.

Boombet will be hoping to see off the competition in this head-to-head, as they’ve has much more time to prove themselves than MidasBet has, since the latter was only introduced to the Australian betting scene in 2022.

Let’s see how these two Australian bookies compare when pitted directly against each other in 12 rounds as part of our ongoing series.

MidasBet vs Boombet Comparison

First and foremost, we need to establish the rules. We always use the same set of criteria in these comparisons in order to ensure no bookie gets an unfair advantage.

If we happened to choose one bookie’s strong points which happened to be the other service’s weakness, things would kick off.

Here are the twelve rounds that each of our competitors will need to endure in order to try and earn the most points and be crowned the victor:

Odds Value: Most betting sites offer different odds on different sports and different events. Oftentimes they are fairly similar, if not identical, but sometimes there are bookies that just seem to offer consistently better odds than their competitors.

Available Markets: Primarily, in this section, we’re going to look at the number of sports that are available on each site. We need to look a little deeper than this though and the winner of this section will be the bookie which gives us the greatest number of individual betting markets for each sport.

Betting Features: Most betting sites have realised that if they introduce more ways to place bets and enjoy the betting experience, the greater value their customers will see in their service, which can be mutually valuable.

Betting App: While making their betting sites mobile compatible can help get the job done, it doesn’t quite compare to a dedicated mobile application that can handle the increased demand that software is asking for. Actual apps make for a much more seamless betting experience.

VIP Program: This section has been known to offer the victory to some sites as a tiebreaker since there are so few bookies that have thought to implement such an idea. Reward your loyal customers and you’ll earn a point from this section.

Safety & Security: You should always expect the betting sites you’re registering with to handle your private data responsibly, so the site that offers the best safety and security will win in this section.

Payment Methods: With so many payment systems out there, there’s no reason for bookies to just accept debit and credit cards anymore. In addition to these, we also look for the likes of POLi, BPay, PayID, PayPal and more.

Live Betting & Live Streaming: Live betting can be the most exciting way to enjoy betting on sports and racing. Bookies who offer in-play betting markets and live-streaming features will usually snatch the point from this section.

Customer Support: A good customer service team is mutually beneficial, as customers can get on with placing their bets and the bookie will receive increased custom. The site with the best customer support team will win this section.

Promotions: It’s illegal for us to detail exactly which promotions are on offer at the sites we’re comparing. This section’s purpose is to make it clear which bookmaker we would choose if we were to base our opinion on this criterion alone.

Licensing and Regulation: All Australian bookmakers must be licensed in order to legally operate in the territory. We make sure they are and detail who they’re licensed and regulated by in this section of the comparison.

Responsible Gambling Practices: It goes without saying that these companies should be looking after their customers after exposing them to an addictive pastime. We make sure tools are available for customers to help limit their habits.

Our Verdict: MidasBet vs Boombet

So, now you know which categories we’re going to compare each of our bookies in and explained why we choose these particular categories in particular, it’s time to reveal the results.

Here is who managed to score the one available point from each of the 12 bouts:

  • Best Betting Odds: Draw.
  • Available Markets: Draw.
  • Best Features: Boombet.
  • Mobile App: Draw.
  • VIP Program: Draw.
  • Safety and Security: Draw.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Options: Boombet.
  • Live Betting and Live Streaming: Draw.
  • Customer Service: Draw.
  • Safer Gambling: Draw.
  • Licensing and regulation: Draw.
  • Best offers: Draw.

It’s not often in this Battle of the Bookies series that we see a site score no points, however we can’t ignore the number of ties that have taken place across the 12 rounds.

Boombet has, of course, earned the victory here, though, after picking up points in two of the rounds.

MidasBet Pros & Cons

Prominent racing markets.

Popular sports.

Secure payment methods.

Live chat feature.

No live streaming.

No Esports.

No application.

Boombet Pros & Cons

Plenty of sports betting markets.

Unique betting features.

Dedicated mobile app.

Live chat feature.

Minimal payment options.

Restricted Futures betting.

Comparing MidasBet vs Boombet Betting Odds

Overall, the odds that are being offered by each of these bookies are more or less the same. Sometimes you’ll find favourable odds on one site and other times you’d be better off with the other, depending on the specific events.

What Markets Are Available at MidasBet vs Boombet

MidasBet customers can choose from 16 different sports, including all of the popular options that are favoured by Australians. The Boombet selection consists of 18 options, so there’s not too much in this one.

With the number of markets within each sport seeming roughly the same as well, we have another draw on the cards.

Which Sportsbook Offers the Best Features?

Boombet offers a long list of special features across racing and sports, including Best Tote and SP, Best of Two Totes, Middle Tote, Fixed Win and Fixed Place, TopFluc, Best of the Best, Line Betting, Matchups, Total Points and First Scorer.

MidasBet offers nowhere near as many features, so the point will be awarded to Boombet.

Does MidasBet vs Boombet Have the Mobile Betting App?

MidasBet and Boombet both have feature-rich mobile applications that can be installed on iOS and Android devices.

MidasBet vs Boombet VIP Program Comparison

There are no VIP programs available on either of these two betting sites.

MidasBet vs Boombet Safety and Security

Both MidasBet and Boombet use high-quality encryption methods to safeguard the information you enter during the signup process.

Comparing Deposit and Withdrawal Options

MidasBet customers can choose between three different payment methods - Visa, MasterCard and POLi. In addition to the same three options, Boombet customers can also choose BPay if they wish.

Live Betting and Streaming Options: MidasBet vs Boombet

MidasBet has yet to implement any kind of live betting features. There are no in-play betting markets and there is no live streaming service, even just for racing.

At Boombet, the situation is the same, so you’ll want to look elsewhere if you’re hoping for a live betting experience.

Comparing MidasBet vs Boombet Customer Service

MidasBet and Boombet both offer live chat services where you can quickly and easily get in contact with friendly customer support teams.

Where Do MidasBet vs Boombet Stand on Safer Gambling

Responsible Gambling Policies can be found on each of these platforms, which highlight the problems associated with gambling and let you know how you can help yourself avoid the negative consequences.

Where Are MidasBet vs Boombet Licensed and Regulated?

MidasBet is licensed in the State of New South Wales by the Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission and regulated by Liquor and Gaming New South Wales.

Boombet is licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Government of Australia, which ensures operations are all conducted legitimately.

Does MidasBet vs Boombet Have The Best Offers?

The promotions being offered by each of these bookmakers are around the same in number and generosity, so if this is the most important category to you, we recommend signing up with both.

MidasBet vs Boombet FAQs

Can you have both a Boombet and MidasBet account?

Australian punters can open betting accounts with Boombet, MidasBet and as many other online betting sites as they wish.

Which Bookmaker has been around longer?

MidasBet is still a fairly new site and Boombet has been around for much longer.

Do both bookmakers have mobile apps?

Mobile applications are available for both MidasBet and Boombet so you can bet from wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection.

Which betting site offers the better odds - Boombet or MidasBet?

MidasBet and Boombet offer similar odds across their sports and racing markets.

Do Boombet and MidasBet allow for live betting?

No live betting features are available at MidasBet or Boombet as of yet.

Who offers the better customer service, Boombet or MidasBet?

We declared a tie in the customer service section of this comparison, as they both offer friendly customer service through Live Chat features.