Vs MidasBet - In-Depth Betting Site Comparison

10 Apr 2023
Jake McEvoy 10 Apr 2023
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It’s a battle between traditional and mythical - but who will come out on top? Will the sheer size of Ladbrokes carry them to victory, or will MidasBet surprise us all with a touch of gold? It’s time to find out!
When it comes to betting on sports and races, Ladbrokes has earned a stellar reputation across the globe. It has been around long enough to become a contender in Australia, but many gamblers have yet to give it a go.

We have yet to hear of a bettor who was dissatisfied with the site's selection of betting options, and the site offers a wide variety of betting markets across many different sports.

Australians in every state and territory may use the MidasBet racing and sports betting website. Sports fans may put their money where their mouth is since the site provides many betting markets on the most popular sports across the globe.

Find out how the two most popular Australian betting sites compare in the following paragraphs, and then make an informed decision on where to register and place your next bets.

Ladbrokes Australia vs MidasBet Comparison

You can find all of our evaluations right here on our site, and we use a standard set of criteria to establish a betting site's quality.

We've used the same standards in this comparison to see how Ladbrokes and Unibet compare against one another on the most important metrics. Here are the requirements that must be met:

Odds Value: New clients should, and do, focus first on the quality of the odds offered on the races and sports events in which they are interested in placing wagers. As you would expect, customers are more likely to choose sites that give the greatest value odds than those that attempt to charge too much.

Available Markets: In the context of an online gambling site, the number of betting markets is comparable to the variety of goods on display at a retail outlet. Shops with a wider variety of products tend to have more satisfied consumers. The same holds true for the markets provided by an online bookmaker.

Betting Features: Punters can enjoy themselves while betting in a variety of ways made possible by the various betting features. Bet Builders, Cash Out, and other similar features may be utilised to improve the betting experience as a whole, leading to a more satisfying session overall.

Betting App: More and more gamblers are ditching their desktop computers and laptops in favour of smartphones and tablets to make wagers. The finest betting sites are those that feature betting applications that are easy to use and replicate the main betting platform in every way.

VIP Program: Gambling sites can offer a great service for their most devoted patrons by offering them a VIP program. Reward programs on betting sites are highly sought after, since they encourage customers to return and spend more time and money.

Safety & Security: Customers need to know that their information is safe while making financial or personal transactions over the Internet. When ranking betting sites, we always give preference to the most secure ones, which is why we check for encryption software and other forms of protection.

Payment Methods: The sites that provide the widest variety of trustworthy payment methods will always come out on top in our comparisons.

Live Betting & Live Streaming: Live betting is a popular way to gamble on sports events, and it adds a whole new level of excitement to the experience. Both of these options may be found on top-tier gambling websites.

Customer Support: The finest online gambling companies will have many channels for contacting support and will ensure that all inquiries are answered quickly, courteously, and thoroughly. The best options will be the ones that exceed our expectations across the board.

Promotions: We are unable to provide each site's individual promos, but we can tell you which of these two betting sites has the most variety.

Licensing and Regulation: In certain regions, online bookmakers cannot accept bets from customers without the proper licencing. If any of the competing websites lack proper licencing or oversight, they will be penalised here.

Responsible gambling practices: Given the seriousness of gambling addiction, betting sites must constantly handle this issue carefully. We will not recommend any gaming site that does not have some kind of responsible gambling policy or player protections.

Our Verdict: Ladbrokes AU vs MidasBet

Time for the verdict: which of the two bookmakers, Ladbrokes Australia and MidasBet Australia, excels in each of the aforementioned metrics?

  • Best Betting Odds: Draw.
  • Available Markets: Ladbrokes AU.
  • Best Features: Ladbrokes AU.
  • Mobile App: Ladbrokes AU.
  • VIP Program: Draw.
  • Safety and Security: Draw.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Options: Ladbrokes AU.
  • Live Betting and Live Streaming: Ladbrokes AU.
  • Customer Service: Draw.
  • Safer Gambling: Draw.
  • Licensing and regulation: Draw.
  • Best offers: Ladbrokes AU.

It feels a little harsh on MidasBet that they do not win against Ladbrokes in any of the above criteria since they’re genuinely not a bad site and we had a good time betting with them. The number of draws across the board does back this up.

However, Ladbrokes Australia is formidable opposition, so it shouldn't come as a great surprise that they've been able to fight off MidasBet overall.

Ladbrokes AU Pros & Cons

Live video stream of horse racing (and some sports).

Ladbrokes card for easy deposits and withdrawals.

Excellent selection of sports markets.

Multi-builder tool for easy betting.

Lack of variety of futures betting markets.

Fixed odds are relatively low.

Customer support can improve.

MidasBet Pros & Cons

Prominent racing markets.

Popular sports.

Secure payment methods.

Friendly customer service.

Live chat feature.

No live streaming.

No Esports.

No application.

Live chat isn’t 24/7.

Comparing Ladbrokes vs MidasBet Betting Odds

Both Ladbrokes Australia and MidasBet are popular and established sports betting platforms, and it's common for betting odds to vary between different bookmakers based on several variables.

It's recommended that you compare the odds of the specific sports events you're interested in to determine which bookmaker has more favourable odds for you.

Both bookmakers will have very similar odds, so it's ultimately up to personal preference and factors such as overall user experience, website design and customer support to determine which one to choose.

What Markets Are Available at Ladbrokes vs MidasBet

Ladbrokes offers a great selection of markets across the board, on practically any sport you could think of when it comes to betting. At MidasBet, there isn’t quite as good of a selection to choose from, although the popular options are covered.

Even more important than the number of sports on offer is the availability of adequate sports betting markets for each. Within the bulk of the sports it covers, Ladbrokes provides a high-quality variety of individual markets.

MidasBet offers a sufficient number of markets for the most popular sports and tournaments (such as 100 markets for English Premier League matches), however, this is not the case for other sports. There is just the Winner market accessible for golf betting, for example.

Which Sportsbook Offers the Best Features?

Neither of these two sites is going to live up to your expectations if you are looking for some truly sophisticated features to complement your betting experience. If this is something you are interested in, go elsewhere.

Ladbrokes does provide some betting features, but they aren't quite as interesting as some of the betting features that are available at other Australian betting sites that we've checked out.

However, of the two, it’s Ladbrokes that wins this category, since they’re the only bookie out of the two that actually offers any notable betting features.

Does Ladbrokes vs MidasBet Have the Mobile Betting App?

Out of these two bookies, it is only Ladbrokes that offers a dedicated mobile application. The app offers all of the features that can be enjoyed on the full desktop version of the platform.

This doesn’t mean you can’t play MidasBet on the go, though, as the website is compatible with most mobile browsers, including Chrome and Safari.

Ladbrokes wins this round by default, though, as a truly dedicated mobile application is what we’re after.

Ladbrokes vs MidasBet VIP Program Comparison

Ladbrokes does not offer a VIP program. Neither does MidasBet. However, this does not imply that you will not get a reward for your continued dedication.

As an alternative, you will be rewarded via continuous promotions, which you will be able to see after you have made an account with either website. Note that you cannot see exactly what these promotions are until you’ve created an account, though.

Both Ladbrokes Australia and MidasBet are tied for first place in this area for their lack of genuine VIP programs.

Ladbrokes vs MidasBet Safety and Security

Ladbrokes is licensed by the Northern Territory Racing Commission and utilises state-of-the-art encryption technologies to protect your information and payment details.

MidasBet is regulated by Liquor & Gaming New South Wales, which has a gaming licence issued by the Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission of New South Wales. Your private information is safe on MidasBet since it is encrypted both while entering and leaving the site.

Overall, we're satisfied with the level of security provided by both Ladbrokes and MidasBet.

Comparing Deposit and Withdrawal Options

There isn't an abundance of alternatives for depositing funds or cashing out your winnings, but you can be certain that the ones that are there are safe bets. Visa, Mastercard, EFT, and POLi are all supported at MidasBet.

When compared to Ladbrokes Australia's 14 alternatives, which include PayPal (which is always a plus), this list pales in comparison.

The options at MidasBet may be some of the most popular and secure options out there, but the quantity of methods available at Ladbrokes usually guarantees them the win in this section.

Live Betting and Streaming Options: Ladbrokes vs MidasBet

While betting at Ladbrokes Australia, you can witness the action develop in real time on a window adjacent to your bet slips for some of the nation's most popular sports, including soccer, horse racing and tennis. Placed informed in-play bets based on the event you are watching.

At MidasBet, neither of these features are available, so all bets must be placed before an event begins and you are unable to watch any events once they have begun.

Ladbrokes wins the “live betting and streaming options” category in this head-to-head by a landslide.

Comparing Ladbrokes vs MidasBet Customer Service

The good news is that Ladbrokes' contact methods differ depending on your query. Ladbrokes Australia customer care specialists strive hard to answer your inquiries quickly. We get timely, helpful responses.

Ladbrokes offers several live chat customer support specialists, so you can get back to betting on your favourite games quickly.

Click the chat button in the bottom right corner to talk to MidasBet. Night owls must find another means to contact since this service isn't available 24/7. Email works too.

While it is easier to get into contact with the customer service team at Ladbrokes, we prefer the more personal customer service we get from MidasBet, so we’ll call this section a draw.

Where Do Ladbrokes vs MidasBet Stand on Safer Gambling

Ladbrokes Aus details its stance on responsible gambling within its Responsible Gambling Policy, which it uses to regulate its operations and ensure it remains a diligent betting service.

MidasBet is committed to encouraging responsible gaming and provides its customers with a number of tools for self-improvement. Customers of MidasBet have the option of setting a pre-commitment limit that limits the amount of money that may be deposited into the betting account within a certain time period.

Both sites demonstrate genuine concern for their users, but Ladbrokes Australia comes out ahead thanks to its wealth of useful responsible gambling features.

Where Are Ladbrokes vs MidasBet Licensed and Regulated?

Ladbrokes uses cutting-edge encryption technology to keep your personal information and financial transactions safe, and they have a licence from the Northern Territory Racing Commission.

MidasBet has a gambling licence from the New South Wales Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission. MidasBet uses 256-bit AES encryption to safeguard the personal data that you enter on the site. 

We have no complaints about the safety of our funds and information at either Ladbrokes or MidasBet.

Does Ladbrokes vs MidasBet Have The Best Offers?

As a rule of thumb, we usually expect the bigger betting sites to have the best offers and promotions. This is usually because they can afford to be more generous with what they are offering.

On the other hand, we also expect smaller betting sites to be as generous as they can be in order to grow as a business. It’s rarely enough to compete with the largest betting sites, though.

When it comes to Ladbrokes against MidasBet, we’re genuinely pleased with the offers that are available at both (once signed up), but we still have to award the point to Ladbrokes in this category.

Ladbrokes vs MidasBet FAQs

Can you have both a MidasBet and Ladbrokes account?

In Australia, sports and racing punters are allowed to have accounts registered with as many bookies as they like. The only rule you need to be aware of, usually, is that you can only have one account registered with a particular bookmaker.

Which Bookmaker has been around longer?

Ladbrokes was established a very long time ago - back in 1886 - making it much older than not only MidasBet but most other bookies around the world.

Do both bookmakers have mobile apps?

Unfortunately, MidasBet does not have a dedicated mobile application, however you can still enjoy the service on the go via your preferred mobile browser. Ladbrokes does have an app, so if that’s what you prefer, it should be the site you choose to sign up with next.

Which betting site offers the better odds - MidasBet or Ladbrokes?

On the whole, Ladbrokes does offer slightly better odds - particularly on the smaller sports - however the odds at MidasBet are certainly not far behind.

Do MidasBet and Ladbrokes allow for live betting?

Ladbrokes offers in-play markets so that you can bet on live events, but MidasBet does not. In terms of live streaming, you can watch a number of live events at Ladbrokes, but you cannot at MidasBet.

Who offers the better customer service, MidasBet or Ladbrokes?

Ladbrokes offer more ways to get in contact with them, but the service provided by MidasBet is superior. Overall, we decided these two bookies tied in this section.